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Exeter NH Voters Pass ‘Right to Healthy Climate’ Ordinance

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On Tuesday voters in Exeter approved a new ordinance. It entitles them to the right to a healthy climate system capable of sustaining human societies. Translated this means blocking any effort that could allow other people to survive the average New England winter.

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The right to a healthy climate ordinance is a fancy way for environmental Luddites to block energy infrastructure. 

(b) Right to a Healthy Climate. All residents of Exeter possess a right to a stable and healthy climate system capable of sustaining human societies, which shall include the right to be free from all corporate activities that infringe that right, including but not limited to the runoff from commercial use of fertilizers, the intentional or unintentional dumping of toxic waste, and the physical deposition, emission, leakage, disposal, or placement of toxins into the land, air, or waterways from extraction, transportation, processing, storage, conveyance, and depositing of waste from fossil fuel exploration and development.

Local Abuse to Centralize Control

It’s an exciting leap for progressives. Use the idea of local control to centralize power. To deny the right of others to have heat and light by preventing access to the resources necessary. But what about the right to a sustainable indoor climate. This isn’t the Florida Keys or a tropical island. It is miserable and cold half of the year.  

By refusing to accept that there is a balance and some risk associated with making life not just livable but worth living, you are consigning others to misery at the expense of your environmental virtue signaling. A program that would make what energy they can get so expensive as to be a burden. To deny them rights you claim for yourselves.

Do you have that right? Not according to your ordinance. Unless by rights and equality you mean equal discomfort and misery. 

In which case, you first.

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