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CNN: “Why some say Mexico already built Trump’s wall — and paid for it”

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That’s CNN’s headline, ladies and gentlemen. And they are not being snarky. The message from Mexicans is that Mexico has built ‘Trumps’ wall, and Mexicans are paying for it.

Mexico, they argue, actually built US President Donald Trump’s border wall after all– not with concrete or bricks or steel, but with thousands of federal forces like this camouflage-clad commander and the troops following his orders. And Mexico, they argue, is paying for it./blockquote>

Mexico has deployed 27,000 troops. Approximately 15,000 at the nation’s northern border, protecting our southern border. And another 12,000 at the much smaller southern border of Mexico. The result is a 70% decline in apprehensions inside Mexico.

How did it happen? How did Donald Trump convince Mexico to not just pay for but to be his wall, while Americans built a physical barrier? CNN reports it was the threat of tariffs.

Remember those? We reported on a deal between the US and Mexico on June 8th of this year that would end the threat of tariffs against our southern neighbor. That date coincides with deliberate action by Mexico to address the caravans of illegals marching toward the United States.

Deals with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador followed. And while activists within these nations are complaining about their countries doing Donald Trump’s bidding at their own expense, there appears to be a genuine interest among all players in addressing the problems that are leading to these migrations. (Because they can’t afford to not do it.)

All while the Democrat House not only does nothing but obstructs efforts to do anything.

A humanitarian crisis is being averted at our southern border. Human traffickers and cartels are being denied easy money that often ends in those paying for their services dying in their custody.

Families are being kept together, mothers with their children. And the endless wave of “refugees” has been stopped.

And it has become more difficult for drugs, criminals, or terrorists to slip in with the masses.

No one in Washington had the will to address this problem like Donald Trump. He ran on it. Mr. Trump committed himself to it and has worked alone with the executive branch, working around congress and often judges, to do what he could with the authority left to him.

The result is nothing short of brilliant.

Mexicans believe they are paying for Donald Trump’s wall. Not the physical barrier, but an army mobilized as the result of the flexing of muscles attached to trade, economics, and robust diplomacy.

The problem is not solved. These arrangements cannot last forever. But every mile of the wall we build while this relationship continues improves the odds that we may never again see the sort of movement of people, drugs, and gangs that began in 2014. When Obama took his phone and his pen and started opening up America’s border by executive order.

We need to make sure this progress continues.

And there is only one way to do that. Re-elect Donald Trump. Because the day a Democrat steps into the oval office, the threat of tariffs goes away, the wall construction ends, and the invitation to invasion begins anew.

Donald Trump has kept another promise. Mexico is the wall. At least as long as he is our President and until we can complete our own, he had the will to make it happen. Do we have the will to make sure he can see it through?

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