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While Congress Did Nothing to Help Asylum Seekers, Donald Trump Solved the Problem Without Them

Illegal Immigration is a crime

Illegal aliens have been marching halfway across a hemisphere to claim asylum in the US. Many were dying, including children. Women were assaulted or raped. Drug cartels abused many or left them for dead. While Congress did nothing, Donald Trump has come to their “rescue.”

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Because they have to file for asylum via the first country they enter after leaving their own, (thanks to Donald Trump) legitimate requests for asylum can be met in any of the countries across the land route into Mexico.

Any asylum seekers currently waiting in Mexico (because they have to wait in Mexico thanks to an agreement between that nation and Donald Trump) can choose to and receive asylum in Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador (or Mexico). Transportation will be provided as needed.

Thanks to Donald Trump, it is no longer possible to cross central America without filing for asylum in countries with agreements to accept Asylees in their nation instead.

Mr. Trump asked Congress to act to alleviate the crisis at the border. Congress did nothing. Donald Trump did something. And he didn’t just work to build a border wall. He came to agreements with hemisphere partners to address migration problems by working to give them homes and opportunities in Spanish speaking nations culturally similar to their own with the help of the United States.

While there they can live in safety and if they desire can file a legitimate claim for asylum which will still be considered. If asylum is denied they will already have a country to call their own with one of these third-country partners.

No cartels, no coyotes, no packed trailers in the desert sun. No human trafficking, sexual assault, or abuse at the hands of criminals and drug-dealers getting rich off their struggle.

Yes, Honduras is a dangerous place. El Salvador and Guatemala are no picnic either. But all three are less dangerous than Baltimore. And they can still file for asylum in the US from there without risking the trip. If approved, they can be transported or travel here as legal asylees instead of making a precarious and dangerous journey that has claimed so many lives.

All thanks to Donald Trump.

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