Save the Eagle Eggs? Yes! Save innocent Unborn Babies? Not so much - Granite Grok

Save the Eagle Eggs? Yes! Save innocent Unborn Babies? Not so much

The Left is always predictable – all about “saving” things that fit in “nature” – but not just babies.  Babies from other species – you bet that they need protection.  Your future brother?  Sister? Cousin?  Friend?


As Brietbart observed, politics is downstream from culture and The Left has definitely screwed up our culture to diminish the value of human life. Surely at the time of conception to birth, they have sought to discount that there is a new life.  Indeed, they have created a culture of selfishness: MY body, MY autonomy.  In the case of abortion, there is no concern for that little baby child (after all, who ever exclaims “I’m having a fetus!”) – just a throw away no-value bunch of tissue (unless Planned Parenthood is selling it – think about that last part).

Death at birth and now with their push for “Dignity of Death” at one’s lifespan end, is there any doubting why we are seeing the callousness and roughness of those that take the life of those in between those points?  Yes, it is not the guns (or knives or hammers or cars or fists or anything else) that are causing the problem – it is the corruption of the minds and souls.  Yet, the Left refuses that they have had any effect on the culture that would be driving it.

Baby Eagles or Baby Children – doesn’t that dichotomy, and the answers given about, show the illness of our current Society?  If these adults are any example, the eco-socialists should have no worries at all about a declining human population; the Left has turned our species into being self-loathing just as they have turned Americans into hating their own country.

Abortion is just a symbol of a larger underlying rot of values.

(H/T: The Blaze)