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Gun Control is Not Greater Safety

Gun Control is Not Greater Safety

Gun control is not greater safety. Everyone knows that Chicago has a problem with gun violence. It is a result which should be the expectation. The city has such strict gun control measures in place.

The expectation does not match the actual…

The intention of strict gun control is to prevent criminals from possessing firearms but it does not do that. The plan is to keep criminals from doing acts of violence but it doesn’t do that either. Those are the things the left tells us, and tells us, and tells us. But obviously, it is just not true. The statistics bear that out and they have done so for the last 50 years.

Never before has there been a topic where a lack of education isn’t just encouraged. Ignorance is seen as a virtue signal by leftist politicians and most members of media. When are we going to understand that virtue signals are not a convincing enough argument? It should not engender trust in the policies in place or the reporting on the subject. It’s time we used our heads for something besides a hat rack. We are experiencing a failure to recognize the right answer when told.

The latest virtue signal

In response to the high incidence of gun violence Chicago police have developed an online database. The purpose is to allow the public to view a list of suspects charged with gun offenses. It tells whether those individuals are out on bail. The purpose is to draw attention to how low bail amounts allow violent criminals back on the street quickly. It is an outrage generator. It is not a tool to reduce gun violence. What problem are we trying to fix here? When does public safety come first?

Critics observe the online database raises a lot of due process concerns. They call system the Gun Offender Dashboard. They say the database is harmful. It paints those simply accused with gun-related crimes, not just violent crimes, as “offenders.” It does this even though they have not, and may never be, convicted of the crimes.

Holster the blamethrowers

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson are one side of the controversy. They believe that rules requiring judges to set affordable bail amounts for suspects deemed not to be a danger to the community have emboldened violent criminals. The violent criminals understand they can get out of jail relatively easily on gun charges.

This is simply blame shifting. The Mayor and the Police Superintendent are responsible for enforcement of the law. Chicago has tough gun laws. Are the Mayor’s attorneys not doing their job? Is there judicial misconduct? Are there contradictory laws that allow judges too much latitude in bail, probation and sentencing? Those are issues that can be remedied. They are not issues fixed by more gun laws. And they are certainly not fixed by gun laws that are poorly written and administered.

We have a problem with root cause analysis

When will Chicago and other major metropolitan jurisdictions wake up. They keep promising security and taking away the rights of their people. Things get worse and the promise more security and violate more rights of the people. People are pretty angry and they have not decided what to focus that anger on. But it does not take Mr. Wizard to know we are angry about our leaders lying to us.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said that low bail amounts aren’t the issue. He points the finger at Chicago police for not making enough arrests. He says police are not cracking down on violence offenders. Preckwinkle cites a statistic stating only 1 in 4 homicides results in an arrest.

When it comes to the problem of gun violence we have to be careful when thinking up solutions. We must remember to respect the Second Amendment. That is a requirement. Other rights like getting a fair trial, the presumption of innocence and search and seizure are foundational principles that keep our representative republic functioning.


Let’s hope the people of Chicago acquire the needed education on the subject matter. They need to start using more commonsense and doing less virtue signaling. The people of Chicago need to open their eyes to the fact their strict gun control laws aren’t hindering criminals from doing evil. They are leaving law abiding citizens open and vulnerable. Leadership requires admitting mistakes and changing for the good of those you lead when facts clearly show the error. Clearly, gun control is not greater safety.