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NH Democrats: Pushing Chicago’s Bloody Values with Gun Control

Chicago shot clock 2019

New Hampshire Democrats use every legislative session to (try and) implement Chicago-Style Gun Control for the Granite State. Chicago is their GuideStar. The template. A place where someone gets shot every few hours. And guns kill ten people every week.

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Those are 2019 numbers (in the image above), and they are below average. July 2019, for example, was a slower than usual month for bloodshed in the Windy City.

The 43 murders and 231 shootings reported in July alone were also the lowest for the month since 2016, and down from 64 murders and 264 shootings last year, police said.”

Year to date this Democrat-run City with all thecommon-sense gun safety laws™has seen 1,430 people shot and wounded, 286 shot and killed, and with 27 homicides by other means.

But, Steve, that’s crazy, you say. If Chicago has all those “common-sense gun safety laws™,” why is it the opposite of safe?

You just answered your question.

The restrictions Democrats want would make New Hampshire less safe and more like Chicago because criminals don’t follow the law. And the Left’s restrictions don’t work. Unless by work, you mean, “get more people shot or killed.”

And Democrats know that. These liberal cities all have these ‘common-sense gun safety laws™.’ They also have the highest gunshot wound and homicide rates in the nation.

So, why would Democrats say these laws will make New Hampshire safer when they know it will be the opposite?

Because they are not taking your rights away to make you safer. They mean to take away a good deal more. If you are disarmed, they’ll feel a lot safer when they do it.

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