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Former Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes Considers State Senate Run in New Hampshire

Paul Hodes

Former Congressman Paul Hodes was a reliable Pelosi ally who tried for a bite at a bigger apple. He ran for US Senate and lost to Kelly Ayotte. Now that Dirty Dan Feltes is running for Governor his state senate seat is open and Paul ‘Hot Dog’ Hodes has his eye on it.

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“I’m in the very early stages of exploring a run for the New Hampshire Senate seat that Dan Feltes will be vacating. A lot of folks have been talking to me about it,” Hodes said in an interview with the Monitor.

The district – where Democrats tend to dominate – includes all of the city of Concord, as well Henniker, Hopkinton, and Warner.

It’s a hard district to lose for a Democrat. Hodes, with his history and easy name recognition, wouldn’t even need to work hard to win it. And then we’d get to write about him again.

A gift I’d pass on if I thought there was a chance. Maybe we do.

Concord City Councilor Candace Bouchard confirmed to the Monitor on Thursday that she’s also strongly considering a bid for the open state Senate seat. Bouchard, who’s served on the city council for over a decade, was a state representative from 1998-2014.

I don’t know Bouchard from Eve, but the words Democrat Concord City Councilor fill in plenty of blanks. And nothing wrong with a primary if spends a lot of their money. A thing Hodes will probably have no problem getting. Once you are in congress the money supply is typically a phone call away.

Not that he’d need much in a general election.

As I said, it’s theirs to lose. And if anyone can lose it, it’s Paul Hodes.

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