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Is Dan Feltes New Hampshire’s Most Brazen Political Hypocrite?

If Dan Feltes (whom I often refer to as #FlatulentFeltes for all the gassy political air he discharges) is not New Hampshire’s most brazen political hypocrite, he has to be in the top five. Consider this: Just a few days later, we learned about Rep. Tamara Le’s “F*ck private and religious schools” Facebook post: And …

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Dan Feltes Income Tax

Dan Feltes’ Income tax

NH State Senator Dan Felts refuses to admit that his mandatory Paid Family Medical Leave act which will apply a 0.5% tax on a worker’s income, is just that – an income tax. And sooo…. The advertisement highlights Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes’ fervent support for the creation a mandatory income tax, hidden under the …

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NHGOP Launches

Yesterday, NH Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes launched his gubernatorial bid, to the surprise of no one.  We’ve known for months that Dan was going to run, he finally just made it official. The NHGOP, not wasting any time, launched today.  And, it’s quite well done. The page is complete with the digital ads …

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