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The Fork in the Road

The Democrat presidential hopefuls are a Marxist lot. Even Joe Biden agrees they are all socialists. They are willing not only to accept but to promote open borders, cancelled college debt, tax-funded health care for illegal aliens and the Green New Deal… all without a thought to affordability. They want to eliminate private health insurance, the Second Amendment and plastic straws.


They love a Marxist utopia which has failed every time it has ever been tried. Every time it has been tried it has ended in economic collapse and tyranny. Can you say failure to recognize the right answer when told? What the Democrat Party is supporting and promoting is un-American. It bears no resemblance to the vision of the people who founded America.

Yet, the vote buying that is socialism continues to grow. Many among us have come to believe we can vote ourselves benefits from the public trough. It is up to us, you and me, to defeat this leviathan.

When we hear these presidential hopefuls saying the government should be in charge of everything. When they say the economy, healthcare, education should all be government managed. What they’re saying is some nameless, faceless unelected bureaucrat. Someone holed up in a windowless office in the District of Columbia should control your life. What’s the difference between that and slavery?


Senator Ted Cruz told the Young America’s Foundation’s 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference something to the effect:

But here’s the thing: The person in charge of your life is you. And it should remain you. Freedom across the board should be your goal; it should be your choice. Education should be your choice. What kind of education you want. Your career should be your choice. What you do with your life… your choice.

Your speech should be your choice. What you say. Your faith should be your choice. Who you worship… when, where, if… your choice. Your liberty should be your choice. It should not be some nameless, faceless, unelected bureaucrat in Washington controlling you…

Capitalism vs. Socialism…

Capitalism and free enterprise are better than socialism. That is true in almost every spiritual, moral and pragmatic way. We, you and I, as classic liberals we must consistently articulate winning arguments. We must make them to our family, our neighbors, and our friends. The risk of losing our freedom to the Leftist-Muslim worldview for America remains very, very high.

Conservatives must be able make a compelling argument meant to persuade. The goal is not simply to inflame nor is it to preach to the choir. It is great to get the accolades from the people who already believe what we believe. But, if all we do is preach to the choir; no change is going to come. The battle we are engaged in for our culture, our nation and our way of life. It will be only be won by thoughtful intelligence.

Socialism does suck. That’s a technical debate term. But that cannot be our only counterargument. If it is then the chances of convincing a sharp mind of the merits of free enterprise are low indeed.

We must understand and articulate: capitalism has raised more people from poverty that any other system ever. It has accomplished this in our lifetime. Freedom and free markets are required for trade. Trade is required for people to prosper.


The more freedom people have the more prosperity they produce. The purpose of government is not to control the lives of its citizens. It is not to micromanage the economy. The purpose of government is to promote its citizen’s prosperity. Government does that by advancing our economic interests and keeping out of our way. Our government has value and purpose in providing for our common defense. The argument is ours to carry.