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Planned Parenthood Gave up Federal Money Because It Can’t Separate Abortion from Family Planning.


US Senator Jeanne Shaheen is appalled at the choice Planned Parenthood (PP) has to make. Giving up federal tax dollars because it is incapable of demonstrating an ability to separate abortion services from any other sort of “family planning.”

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Monday we reported that Big Abortion was likely to defund itself over “a new Trump administration rule that bars taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from talking with their patients about abortion, or referring them to abortion providers.”

Abortion is Planned Parenthoods core mission. And Democrats like Shaheen are obsessed with demanding that taxpayers fund their business model, claiming these dollars are not used for abortion. But the existence of these dollars frees up other funds for abortion. And, irony alert,  PP’s inability to separate them is why they have to give up on them.

Not that they need the money. In their 2018 report, PP cleared 1.46 billion after expenses

One of those expenses is lobbying politicians. Planned Parenthood Northern New England spends over 1.5 million dollars a year lobbying politicians, including in New Hampshire. National and other pro-abortion operations like NARAL pump billions into lobbying and Democrat political campaigns like Jeanne Shaheens.

All to steal more tax dollars that are just as likely freeing up money to finance these political machines. Whose job is to convince the government to take even more money from private citizens.

”I will continue to fight against this reckless and irresponsible assault on women’s health care led by President Trump and Republican leadership,” U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., said in her own statement after Monday’s Planned Parenthood announcement.

Shaheen isn’t fighting for health care, any more than Planned Parenthood. Neither are any other Democrats in the Granite State. They are fighting to sustain their political money-laundering operation.

“Planned Parenthood’s decision to reject Title X funds is a business decision based on abortion politics, not health care. Abortion, not health care, drives Planned Parenthood’s business model. Any agency that provides family planning without also being involved in abortion remains eligible for Title X funds,” Cornerstone Executive Director Shannon McGinley said in a statement.

If this were about care or women they’d say, we’ll give up all abortion-related campaign donations (or lobbying dollars) to these clinics in New Hampshire. Instead, they are fighting to ensure the government can take money from people who might never donate to any clinic even if it didn’t perform abortions. 

Shannon is correct. It’s not about people; this is all about politics. Including New Hampshire politics. The State budget has 3.2 million of your dollars allocated to backstop abortion providers without any strings attached.


Because the left knows you won’t donate that much to them, so they have to take it from you.

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