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Proof: Planned Parenthood Northern New England Doesn’t Need NH Taxpayer Dollars

PPNE logoDefenders of planned parenthood insist that taxpayer dollars do not go to pay for abortions. This is nonsense, of course, because any added revenue frees up money for other purposes for which it might not have otherwise been available.

Take Public policy, for example. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England spent $832,596.00 dollars on Public policy in 2013. In 2014, they spent $1,587,499.00 dollars (nearly $1.6 million) just on public policy.

Still think Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire can’t function without taxpayer dollars?

That is a one year increase of $754,930.00 dollars. A 91% increase in just one year…just on Public Policy.

Not on mammograms (which they do not even do). Not on education (they spent a separate $125,000.00 on that). Not on Marketing (another separate $214,378.00 line item pays for that). And not for contraception or even women’s health. They increased spending on Public policy by over three-quarters of a million dollars  in one year.


Should NH Taxpayers be fronting money for PPNE’s Public Policy budge that could be used for roads and bridges, or county nursing homes, or drug therapy, or mental health, or Medicaid, or one-hundred other things that might actually be more important to all the people of New Hampshire.

They should not.

This has to stop.

Anyone in elected office, anyone at all, who thinks this is a necessary use of taxpayer dollars should be run out of office if not out of the state altogether.

“Oh, so you support taxpayer funding of PP? Does that stand for Public Policy? That’s more important than roads and bridges, elderly care, or…?”

For the skeptics…The proof is on page 176. Enjoy.

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