Planned Parenthood Net Revenue from 2017 Report - $1,459,600,000 (That's $1.46 Billion) - Granite Grok

Planned Parenthood Net Revenue from 2017 Report – $1,459,600,000 (That’s $1.46 Billion)

Planned Parenthood 1.46 BillionThe only thing that triggers Democrats more than saying the word “Trump” is suggesting that they shouldn’t be taking money from you and giving it to Planned Parenthood. They’re apoplectic at the thought. Some Neo-Feminists will sit and knit if you put Trump and Planned Parenthood (women’s health, etc) in the same sentence. And women knitting might be the least feminist thing after staying home and baking cookies.

So what will they make of this?

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In 2017 Planned Parenthood reported revenue of 1.4596 Billion dollars.

And what did they do with it? The line items on the expense side of their report are a bit fuzzy. Public Policy, engage communities, Health equity, Movement Building, and Strengthen and Secure Planned Parenthood, all sound to me like community organizing for political action (Like this!). And they each have their own line item under expenses. They spend roughly 190 million on that.

Over at Open Secrets, we can see that Planned Parenthood’s national lobbying costs them more than a million annually.

PP Lobbying chart

Locally, Planned Parenthood Northern New England by itself has a political action budget well over one million.

So what have we learned?

Planned Parenthood pulls in bucket loads of revenue.

Planned parenthood spends a lot of money on lobbying and politcal activism.

Planned Parenthood’s Federal PAC spends between $500,000 and $700,000 annually on donations to candidates for Federal office. (They also pour money into local races.)

All of which means, Planned Parenthood is laundering taxpayer money into partisan political activism and candidate support for Democrats and Democrats will do anything to keep that scheme operating.