Labor Day: Support for Unions High But 90% of Americans Don't Want to Be in One. - Granite Grok

Labor Day: Support for Unions High But 90% of Americans Don’t Want to Be in One.

We the unions

The idea that you should have the right to organize a union continues to poll well. A majority of Americans support the concept of collective bargaining units. But what happens when you ask them if they want to pay union dues to union bosses?

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Nearly two-out-of-three Americans support labor unions. But only one-in-ten put their money where their mouth is and become members.

Only ten percent say they’d sign up. That’s a big no thanks; I’ll negotiate my pay and benefits. Oh, and I’ll keep my money in my hands and out of yours. But hey, if you want to do it, knock yourself out.

It’s not just sentiment

As Percy noted earlier today, the Janus ruling is talking a toll. But the unions and their legislative allies on the left are filing suits. They are writing legislative workarounds to get your money back into the pockets of politically motivated union bosses.

This has nothing to do with worker’s rights or benefits or wishes. Unless by benefit you mean the pockets of leadership and the money laundering to the Democrat party.

Employed workers between ages 35 and 54 are more than twice as likely to be union members (13 percent) as the coming generation of younger employees from age 18 to 34.

Workers down South are least likely to belong to a union (5 percent), while workers in the East and West are more likely (15 and 14 percent respectively). The Midwest, a more recent political battleground over right-to-work laws has about 10 percent membership.

Not a shocker that government workers report the highest unionization rate at 37 percent.

I think we’ve made the point once or twice that Government workers should not be allowed to unionize. Janus allowed them to opt-out, and many have. Except where the bosses and the Democrats have worked to prevent them from making choices with the money they earned.

Pro-union homers like to bitch about how the union incurs costs associated with the employment of those who bow out. But how bad can it be when the same unions are dumping billions into political campaigns.

This is similar to the whiners at Planned Parenthood who spend many millions donating to and lobbying government officials for other people’s money. Funds they do not even need. It’s a matter of priorities.

Power and politics are more important. Tax-free – unions are non-profits.

If unions had used that money and bargaining power to drive competition in the benefits market (medical care, for example), everyone would be saving money. Imaging billions in premiums and costs freed up annually. Instead, Unions use their resources to consolidate power in socialist politicians and experiments that drive up prices, limit access, and reduce quality.

Planned Parenthood cares more about the politics of killing babies than women’s health care. Unions care more about having a big seat at the table of one-party rule. Workers, like women, are just a vehicle to that end.

As with all Democrat “priorities,” you are just a mule whipped along their path to power. Once they get there, they’ll have no more use for you. And they are okay with you knowing that and thinking you’ll have a seat at the table too.

You won’t.

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