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Democrat Congressman Reminds You What Life Would Be Like Under Left-Wing Rule

Wash Exam Joaquin Castro

During the Obama Dynasty, his corrupt bureaucrats released privileged information to harm political opponents. It is the basis for all “transparency” narratives on the left. Not to make politicians accountable but to keep political opponents in line.

To secure unassailable power and control for the Left.

Today’s lesson comes courtesy of Texas Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro. He went out of his way to identify Trump’s top donors in El Paso. Individuals who maxed out their contribution to his campaign.

This “member” of congress then publicized the list.

Castro, whose twin brother Julian is seeking the 2020 Democrat nomination, released a list via social media on Monday containing the names of dozens of individuals, within his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, that contributed the maximum amount to Trump’s reelection campaign. Not only did the congressman post the names of the 44 individuals in question, he also included their occupations and employers.

It’s not precisely Doxxing. That information is publicly available. But anyone who has ever waded into the FEC data-mine knows it takes determination (and paid staffers) to do it effectively, which makes me wonder. Did Castro ask his staff to do his political work?

And regardless of who did it, the point of the exercise is obvious. Intimidation. Use the mob to frighten future donors or supporters of not just Trump but any political opponent the Democrats target. As in everyone who disagrees with Democrats.

This is How It Will Be

While there has been some pushback the problem is not one Democrat “doxxing” more Republican donors. It is much deeper. The Obama years demonstrated that this is how the Left does its business.

When street thugs like the Black Panthers, BLM, or Antifa can’t get it done, find and publish any information you can on anyone. Send the message. You could be next. 

This is speech suppression, plain and simple.

  • Create a culture of fear that prevents people from donating to candidates the left likely opposes.
  • Stop folks from publicly (or “privately”) speaking in favor of certain candidates or issues.
  • Stifle free speech of any sort that is not aligned with the Left’s ideology.
  • Prevent People from showing public support (wear a hat, carry a sign, show up at a rally, you could get beat up).

Obama’s IRS released Tax information to third parties who then protested and intimidated individuals and companies. His administration raided and terrorized private business owners. His FBI and CIA spied on everyone including private citizens, the press, and political opponents. For one purpose: to destroy them if the need arose.

It’s the sort of thing you’d expect from another Castro family. The one in Cuba. Where the ‘benefits’ of Democrat Socialism are practiced daily.

It is the politics of fear and retribution where the only rights you have are those the Left allows. And they are happy to show you just how true this is.

All you must do is disagree with them.

| Breitbart