Grassroots Granite Staters Fought Bloomberg Lobbyists and Won, AGAINGrassroots Granite Staters Fought Bloomberg Lobbyists and Won, AGAINGrassroots Granite Staters Fought Bloomberg Lobbyists and Won, AGAIN - Granite Grok

Grassroots Granite Staters Fought Bloomberg Lobbyists and Won, AGAIN

As you all know by now, the destructive gun control legislation New Hampshire Democrats shoved through the legislature this past session have all been VETOED by Governor Sununu. Each piece of legislation was written by an out-of-state gun control organization and supported by NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the Godfather of gun control.

Two out of the three pieces of legislation were sponsored by none other than Democrat Katherine Rogers, the Concord Legislator who was convicted of physically assaulting Susan Olsen, Legislative Director for the Women’s Defense League, during a ballot re-count.

Over the past several years, Rogers has tried to pass her California gun control legislation to no avail. It was voted down, even in a Democrat-controlled house in previous years. Why? Because her legislation was THAT BAD.

Democrats are drunk with power this session, after getting bought into office with the help of thousands of dollars from Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown’ Super PAC so they had to repay him by pushing gun control at his behest. And they did.

What Democrats always fail to understand is that New Hampshire is one of the SAFEST STATES in the country and a majority of people living in the State of New Hampshire, including Democrats, don’t take too kindly to out-of-staters telling them how to live their lives, especially when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

So, as with every other gun control bill that Democrats have attempted in the past, Grassroots Granite Staters rose up to the invasion and fought back. They rallied; they sent thousands of postcards and emails to Sununu’s office. They sent hundreds of red ‘veto’ pens to his office and thousands petitioned the governor to ‘Hold the Line.’

Bloomberg’s ‘Moms Demand’ have to consistently ship people up from Massachusetts and over from Maine because they have so little support in this state. That tells you all you need to know really.

You wouldn’t know about this really because the main stream media in New Hampshire mostly ignored it. They only seemed to give a rat’s ass when Bloomberg’s main lobbyist, Shannon Watts, was flown to New Hampshire on her broom to push Bloomberg’s Red Flag Law, THE most destructive and dangerous gun control legislation to ever be introduced in the Granite State for at least the last 100 years and the whole ‘pearl controversy’ erupted.

More on Red Flag Laws later.

This isn’t the first time Grassroots Granite Staters have fought against Bloomberg’s lobbyists and money and won. They won each and every time gun control bills came up and they won the jackpot when they finally had a governor, Governor Sununu, who signed legislation that ended almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination, aka Constitutional Carry. Make no mistake, if a Democrat had been elected to the corner office, every single piece of gun control legislation would have passed, majority be damned. Democrats don’t care about facts, they only care about lobbyists and ‘feelings’ that fit their gun control narrative, even if they aren’t based on reality.

Bloomberg spent money then and had, at one point, 11 lobbyists on his payroll. The same people who are no longer listed on his payroll are probably getting paid from some other extreme left-wing organization like Watts is now.

Which brings me to the Red Flag Law. Activists managed to get this law shut down, temporarily, when the Criminal Justice Committee voted to table the law, unanimously, when it came up for a vote. There is a working session coming up in the next couple of weeks when Democrats will attempt to resurrect Bloomberg’s legislation in order to punish law-abiding citizens who happen to also be gun owners.

The biggest battle against Bloomberg and his gun control is about to commence, and Grassroots Granite Staters will be at the ready.