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Why is NYC Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Trying to Buy Gun Control in NH?

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On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will hold an executive session to vote on House Bill 687 (HB 687), AN ACT relative to extreme risk protection orders.

The hearing for this legislation was held last week and the prime sponsor of the bill, Debra Altschiller (Stratham – D) introduced an amended version that the committee has not entered into the record yet. Only committee members can actually introduce amendments.

The public hearing that was held was in regards to the original legislation so the public, although they received printed copies during the hearing after Representative David Love demanded it, were given no notice or time to thoroughly read or research the legislation.

What’s quite clear about the legislation is explicitly discriminatory against gun owners and will only harm law-abiding citizens who have committed no crime. This ‘Red Flag’ law violates their due process rights, private property rights and of course their 2nd Amendment rights.  All of these rights are protected under the constitution.

This is just one of the destructive gun control laws Bloomberg is funding to push in New Hampshire. There’s also a bill to mandate a 7-day waiting period to purchase a firearm as well as legislation that will turn virtually all of New Hampshire into a gun free zone.

What’s interesting is New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg has taken quite an interest in New Hampshire. Not only did he spend over $160,000 to elect Democrats (this is just in the general and not the final report) who would push gun control in the state in 2018 but he’s also spending thousands of dollars to push gun control.

According to the latest reports from the lobbying firm he hired, Demers, Blaisdell and Prasol, Bloomberg spent almost $70,000 to push gun control in less than one month alone. This number doesn’t include the tens of thousands of dollars Bloomberg spent on these same gun control lobbyists last year:

The question is why?

Why does a billionaire from New York City, who has armed security for his family, care about pushing extreme gun control on regular Granite Staters who are their families’ own first lines of defense?

And why is Altschiller working with Bloomberg’s lobbyists to push said gun control in the state, one of the safest in the country? She took an Oath of Office to uphold the New Hampshire Constitution, not partake in an out-of-state billionaire’s efforts to infringe upon Granite Staters’ constitutionally protected rights.

Debra Altschiller with Bloomberg lobbyist Tom Prasol after the Red Flag hearing

At one point, Bloomberg had hired 11 gun control lobbyists in the State of New Hampshire, including the supposed “volunteers” who speak on behalf of Moms Demand.    Bloomberg now has five lobbyists being paid to push gun control in the state.

The issue isn’t about safety, it’s about control.

Every gun control measure Bloomberg is trying to buy in New Hampshire will only harm law-abiding citizens, turning them into criminals. Not one piece of gun control Bloomberg is paying for will do anything to stop a criminal. Not. One.