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NH Senate Dems Vote to Criminalize Law-Abiding Citizens and Harm Women

Today, the New Hampshire Senate voted on four pieces of destructive gun control legislation that do nothing but criminalize law-abiding citizens, especially women.

Senate Democrats wasted no time in voting for some of the most destructive gun control legislation, supported by their funder, NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg that New Hampshire has ever seen.

First up was House Bill 109 (HB 109). This is the California gun control legislation that Assault Rep Katherine Rogers has tried to pass three times previous. The legislation failed all of those time, even with a Democrat-controlled House because the legislation is THAT bad.

HB 109 will make it so people can’t get gun safety training in the state. That’s right. People, especially women, who seek to safely and accurately learn how to shoot firearms, will no longer be able to GET gun safety training.

In fact, Senator Kevin Kavanaugh brought up the fact that Sig Sauer, an FFL dealer and multi-million dollar company, does background checks before they provide training. That’s easy if you’re Sig Sauer. They sell firearms where they conduct training. It’s not easy if you’re a grassroots organization or an individual instructor who doesn’t have an FFL or isn’t a multi-million dollar corporation.

Apparently, gun safety training is only for multi-million dollar companies.

Next up was House Bill 514. This legislation is a Bloomberg-sponsored waiting period to purchase a firearm. This legislation was originally for 7 days but an amendment was introduced to reduce that to 3 days. Of course, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

Senate Democrats tried to use suicide as their reason for passing this gun control legislation. More than half of the people who commit suicide in New Hampshire don’t use firearms, it’s clear Democrats DON’T actually care about suicide. If they did, they’d work to resolve the issues of WHY people attempt suicide in the first place rather than withholding a Constitutional right from everyone in the state.

Senator Martha Hennessey tried to claim this would stop teenagers from purchasing firearms to commit suicide. Ummm…. If you’re under 21, it’s already against federal law to purchase a handgun. Clearly, this lawmaker doesn’t even know existing laws.

For the record, Japan has a higher suicide rate than the entire United States but…. No guns.

Women have been murdered waiting for permission from the government to practice their fundamental human right to self-defense but that doesn’t matter to NH Senate Democrats. They are more interested in passing Bloomberg legislation, in one of the SAFEST STATES in the country.

The next destructive gun control legislation Senate Democrats voted to pass is House Bill 564. This is the ‘gun free school zone’ bill that criminalizes law-abiding Granite Staters and victimizes victims who need to protect themselves, especially women.

Jon Morgan, the moronic senator from Brentwood, actually introduced the following amendment which not only violates existing state law but allows school boards to make GUN CONTROL LAWS. School boards aren’t even experts on education, never mind gun control. This is similar to another piece of legislation that even the NH School Board Association was against earlier in the year:

The final gun control legislation is House Bill 696. This legislation is more similar to the horrific Red Flag laws than anything else. Rather than add the elderly in the definition of existing Domestic Violence statutes, Democrats decided to add another piece of gun control legislation that makes a person GUILTY before INNOCENT while violating many of their rights based on ‘hearsay.’

Senator Sharon Carson spoke about two cases in which the elderly were being abused and had THEIR rights taken away. This law would make it even worse.

It’s no surprise Bloomberg-funded Democrats chose to pass more destructive gun control laws in the State of New Hampshire. What’s hypocritical is these are the same people who claim they are part of a party that supports women and children. Their votes today PROVE otherwise.

Any of the legislation that was amended will have to go back to the House of Representatives again to be voted on with the amendment.

Governor Sununu has promised to veto all gun control legislation.