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Manchester Trump Rally – the “Empty Seat” conspiracy theory. Bunk!

Trump Manchester Rally Pic

UPDATED and BUMPED: Seems to be standard fare – Trump makes a claim, his critics say he’s wrong, then he’s proved right.  You’d think the critics would learn that he’s playing them but Stupidity reigns supreme!  Check this outSorry Elton John, your record’s not still standing: Fire marshal says Donald Trump’s boast that he smashed pop star’s attendance record at MAGA arena is TRUE


Well, lucky I had the foresight (luck??) to have the idea to “video sweep” the SNHU Arena once we had all the equipment set up, kicked out for the Secret Service security sweep, let back in, reset up and “re-functional”. Simply, I wanted a record of watching the Arena fill up (4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:15, 6:20, 6:36, and a couple of times during the actual rally) and then do a collage – a “quickie” deal once I found them in the hours of video I took yesterday. Uploaded to YouTube and BANG!

<Copyright dispute in progress>

And yes, because of the sound company that the Trump Rally they hired, and the music they played, I’m getting dinged for the video.  I’m disputing it because we had NO control, again, of what was being played. That said, turns out that rumors started circulating about that either:

  • The Fire Marshall declared that full capacity was reached leaving a lot of empty seats with thousands left outside
  • The Left had tried a stunt for “getting all the tickets” and then not show up leaving  a lot of empty seats with thousands of actual Trump fans left outside.

Easy to debunk the second – how many Trump rallies have had thousands of overflow folks outside all of the rallies?  It is standard fare for more tickets to be given out than what the capacity is for a given building.  This is standard campaign “stage craft” – rent a place that is smaller than the expected crowd and then have “overfill”.  Trump just does this YUGE.

I first noticed this on the Livestream post here and and then again over at Gateway Pundit (owned by my Samsphere friend, Jim Hoft):

WTH? Thousands of Supporters Locked Out of Trump Rally as Hundreds of Empty Seats in New Hampshire Arena Went Unfilled

Thousands of Trump supporters were locked out of the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire for Thursday’s reelection campaign rally by President Trump even though there were plenty of empty seats in the upper deck of the arena–and even a dozen empty seats were seen in the lower bowl in the corner behind Trump as he spoke to the near capacity crowd. A rally attendee said he “watched authorities force away thousands of people trying to get into the SNHU, that waited in line for hours.”

Sorry, GP, bad thing to do with thousands of people actually inside including GraniteGrok and I let them know: here (Hi Jim – Skip!) – we are the largest and most influential political blogsite (Conservative, of course!) in NH and we were on site and livestreamed the event. I can tell you FIRSTHAND that not only was almost every seat filled in the area (with a few exceptions in the “high nosebleed sections and the lower sections right behind the Media/Camera riser – who would want to see and look at that all night???). There were also hundreds (if not a thousand or more) standing in the rink area which was almost full to capacity). ALSO, almost all night long, there were hundreds of people trying to buy cold drinks and food at the poorly run concession stands (I spent 45 minutes trying to get cold drinks for my writers that were there).

The Fire Marshall was right – the building WAS at capacity. It was the right call.

And yes, thousands couldn’t get in including a lot of our loyal readers.

-Skip Murphy
Dominating the Political Bandwidth in NH

Do they pull the fill up the floor first then claim its too crowded to let others in because of the crowding on the floor? This seems tb a repetitive outcome over and over and smells like a dirty rotten tactic the leftist run districts would employ.

No, seats and the floor were filling up at the same time – no one was directed to the floor or seats first. First come, first sit or stand.

Remember, capacity is not just seats filled – it is about people ALL OVER the building.

We’re the most Conservative entity in NH and we’d be the first to ring the bell on wrong doing – but this was not it. This, to my eyes, was fair and square.

This is NOT the mammoth arena that many here might be thinking of – we’re a very small state and the arena generally can hold only 11-12,000 people. Last nite, I would say that capacity was reached. Early pictures that were published WERE trying to send a nasty note – but by the time the rally started (or soon right after), it was full.

And BOY, were people fired up and enthusiastic. While the PA system was poorly run (over powered and distorting the speakers when playing music), my ears HURT when the crowd really started in!

And these:

Marty Miller
Not surprised, predicted in the real news that thousands of “terrorists” had requested tickets to the event, to NOT show up and make it look like it did. With thousands locked out and forced to wait and watch outside, it’s fact that whoever controls this facilities did this slight of hand purposely. Still the area was packed, but like our Presidents reelection campaign coffers…the flow continues in.

Maybe it’s a good idea to show those ’empty seats’, the Dementocraps might think they have the upper hand … think Killery’s sure shot to the Presidency. We Trump supporters know the truth, as we did before.

granitegrok  to Marty Miller • 7 hours ago
Again, no, not “fact”. Yes, the Left might have tried that tactic but it didn’t work (we were in the Media Riser on the floor livestreaming and could see everything). The MSM did release early pics and I am going to be taking some of them to task over it in deliberately trying to trash the rally but FOR THE RALLY ITSELF, the arena was full. Right call not to go over capacity.

And it was unfortunate that many who waited for hours to get in couldn’t – but isn’t that ALWAYS the case with a Trump Rally lately?

Here’s a quick shot of the Arena just after Trump took the podium. Notice that while there ARE a few nosebleed seats open, all of the seats behind him (the VIP seats) are now filled. Because of the comments here, I’ll put together a video with some time lapse shots showing how the arena filled in over time. That said, this shows the reality of most of the arena:

Such is life and politics….