Trump Rally: There Were Thousands Inside and Hundreds of People Watching OUTSIDE Trump Rally: There Were Thousands Inside and Hundreds of People Watching OUTSIDE - Granite Grok

Trump Rally: There Were Thousands Inside and Hundreds of People Watching OUTSIDE

Last night Trump held his first campaign rally in New Hampshire since 2016. There were supporters who actually camped out in line overnight in order to get their choice of seats when the doors opened. The line getting into the arena was literally down Elm Street and around corners. It’s not quite clear where the line actually ended. There were also apparently thousands of people turned away who had been waiting in line. The Manchester Fire Marshall stopped allowing people in when it got to a certain capacity:

Thousands of people piled into the arena hours in advance of President Trump speaking to them. Trump was scheduled to speak at 7 PM but didn’t actually get onto the stage until around 7:30. While people continued to stream in and while they were waiting, music blared and Trump’s supporters were getting hyped up for their candidate. Please excuse the bad videos, that’s not my forte nor do I wish to make it my forte. I leave that up to Skip and Steve:


Despite Democrats continually demonizing Trump supporters, the crowd was filled with extremely happy and polite people. There didn’t seem to be much ‘hate’ other than disdain for CNN. Fredo wasn’t available for commentary:

What was interesting is that so many people wanted their photographs taken. Now, if these people are such racist haters, according to Democrats, you’d think they wouldn’t want anyone from the press to take their photos.

Of course, they aren’t. They were all just regular Americans who support the current president and want to see him re-elected. Some photos below:


When Trump did take the stage, the sound from the crowd was deafening. Being a ‘shorty,’ I couldn’t see exactly when he came out from the ‘press pit’ but I could tell the difference in the sound of the crowd.

My main point in these types of events is usually some articles and photographs. Photography tells a story all in its own right so I left a little bit earlier than Trump’s speech ended to beat the traffic back home. What happened next sort of knocked me off my feet.

There were hundreds of people outside of the arena watching Trump’s speech on the jumbo Tron. People lined the streets on both sides. I had never seen anything like that before and was absolutely not prepared for it. (Excuse the ‘Holy Sh*t’ in the video):


I certainly had no idea what to expect at a Trump rally in New England in a state surrounded by far left-wing extremist states (Maine being somewhat of an exception) so to see that many people both inside and outside of the rally was pretty amazing actually.

Democrats keep claiming that Trump is losing support but it was pretty clear from the rally last night that their claims just aren’t true. Do some of the things Trump do or say piss people off? Of course but overall, most people, other than left-wingers who are still trying to push the Russian Collusion hoax, understand that the economy is doing better and as a result, they too are doing better.

When people feel secure in the economy and with their jobs, they are happier, and they are definitely happier with whoever the sitting president happens to be, regardless of party.