Concord School Super Whines About Negative Press of Serial Sex Assaulter on District Payroll - Granite Grok

Concord School Super Whines About Negative Press of Serial Sex Assaulter on District Payroll

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I’m not sure what sort of coverage the Concord School District was expecting. A serial sex offender has been groping young girls for years, and more than a few people in the district had to be hiding it.

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Dr. Terri Forsten, the Superintendent

“lashed out at “the local newspaper,” the Concord Monitor, as well as “social media,” for offering “a dribble of articles and posts that have presented singular perspectives and have negatively impacted some of the community’s viewpoint of our schools and work.”

We’ll take some credit for that. We’ve published three separate stories. Each took a wholly unique look at a problem that is entirely the fault of the District, and High School Principal Tom Sica, who is currently on leave and should stay there (for covering for Leung and intimidating witnesses).

Primo “Howie” Leung has been a predator of underage girls since he was no longer underage himself. And while that may have been kept secret outside the public school system (until now) it was not a secret once Leung started applying his obsession in Concord.

I am convinced that the district knew. The Union knew. Soon to be former Principal Tom Sica knew. Any number of students and teachers had to know. But for at least five years it was administrated out of existence. People were hushed. Rumors were silenced probably because Leung was a Diversity hire.

Young girls getting groped or kissed by a teacher was a sacrifice they were willing to make to the diversity gods.

The Concord School District has since rushed a low-ball settlement to buy-off one of the victims. And now the Superintendent is complaining about the coverage?

You’ll be happy to know that no one is happy with her response. A letter that has, without a doubt made the District’s position worse, which is good.

I find it difficult to believe, given the circumstances and past union involvement that the Board and the Super are not complicit in the cover-up if not current then past members.

The voters in Concord should take this opportunity to clean house. And judging by their reaction to Dr. Forsten’s letter, they may do that.

Update: Learn more about a petition to remove Frosten and Sica Here.

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