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What to Do About Liberal Zombies From Massachusetts and Other Related Problems

Dem Zombie Apocalypse

From Poop maps to homeless invasions, to diseases, crime, high taxes, and dopey green energy boondoggles, there’s nothing quite like California. Or at least parts of it. A coastline littered with nutty leftists wielding progressive propaganda to the detriment of millions. A few of whom are choosing to leave.

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This is a problem to which we can relate here in New Hampshire. Democrats, some of them registered as Republicans, flee across our southern border to escape their Bay State oppressors, only to elect similar sorts here. Like poison or infection. They find themselves incapacitated by the sickness they’d thought they left.

What to do?

Under a post related to a massively subsidized solar project outside LA – making grand but suspicious promises, a comment caught my eye. Offered as a solution for addressing the issue of left-coast invaders marching eastward. Towing their big government collectivism along behind them.

Just use crop dusters to spray a line of gluten along the California border, and the fear will keep them all right where they are.

It’s brilliant.

Sadly, I’m not certain it would work here. And not just because we’d have to use that trick along all four borders. (Vermont is worse, and Maine is well down the same slippery slope – and Canada, is Canada.) My sense is that plenty of Massachusetts liberals – the Cambridge and Harvard radicals excluded – are not all that turned off by Gluten.

These would be the sort who vote Democrat because it’s coded genetically into them at birth. Generations upon generations of (D) chromosomal inclinations responding to election stimuli the way bureaucrats beg for bigger budgets.

Perhaps there is a tiny voice in the back of their mind trying to explain that the things they thought they were escaping – oh look, I can vote for a Democrat! In a matter of years, the place they left has found them and they are not quite sure how.

For starters, your political witness protection identity was never any different from the one you had when you thought you went into hiding. All you did was take a beautifully peaceful mostly rural politically uncluttered landscape (New Hampshire) and dump your pre-disposed, high-tax, inefficient, big government progressive regulatory crap over it.

Put another way, the problem you are trying to escape is you.

We can’t stop you from migrating, not even with gluten, but is there any possibility of your tattooing in reverse on your foreheads, “For things to get Better you have to stop voting for Democrats?” That’s a bit long. Maybe you could join a local taxpayers group or Tea Party. Turn off the TV news. Avoid print media. Read GraniteGrok.

Enjoy the absence of heat retaining sidewalks and the lack of public transportation. 

The indigenous peoples and tax refugees who got it from go, whose liberty you are corrupting, would be grateful.