Welcome to Utopia: Homeless Invading Swanky LA Neighborhoods - Granite Grok

Welcome to Utopia: Homeless Invading Swanky LA Neighborhoods

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I’m not sure what Johnny Rotten’s politics are, but he’s not happy. The former Sex Pistols lead singer want’s police protection. From homeless people. They’ve invaded his Los Angeles neighborhood and are living in his yard.

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“A couple of weeks ago I had a problem,” the former punk prince opined. “They came over the gate and put their tent inside, right in front of the front door. It’s like . . . the audacity. And if you complain, what are you? Oh, one of the establishment elite? No, I’m a bloke that’s worked hard for his money and I expect to be able to use my own front door.”

He says they are stealing the bars from his windows to sell as scrap metal. And the beach is littered with needles and feces.

“They’re aggressive, and because there’s an awful lot of them together they’re gang-y. And the heroin spikes . . . You can’t take anyone to the beach because there’s jabs just waiting for young kids to put their feet in — and poo all over the sand.”

Welcome to the promise of the liberal utopia.

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