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Spend Early, Spend Often, Give Up Your Freedom

The spending deal agreed to by congressional leaders and the President is appalling. We simply have to stop spending money we do not have. The operating debt currently stands at $22.5 trillion or $68,500 for every person in the country. This deal if implemented will accelerate the growth of the debt.

The pocket full of mumbles…

On the campaign trail Trump said he would eliminate the debt in just eight years. So far, the results on this boast are not good. We have experienced a period of economic growth. The good economic results have not been used to balance the budget. Instead our political leaders, with a rare show of bipartisanship, continue to racked up as much debt as possible.

The rationalizations…

Various steps have led us here, to the current spending agreement. There’s the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The PAYGO budget rule requires Congress balance new increases in spending or reductions in revenue. Since the tax bill cut taxes, Congress should have followed it with sensible spending reforms. Guess what. That did not happen. Instead, Congress waved away the PAYGO requirement. We don’t need no freakin’ accountability.

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 increased spending limits, added a huge amount of questionable emergency spending, and suspended the debt limit for a year. Last but certainly not least is a refusal by leaders on both sides to take their jobs seriously. Congressional appropriators feel entitled to new, higher amount of spending. Key senators refused to start work on spending bills until they could be assured of access to more taxpayer funds.

What we know…

Budgets are a thing of the past. There hasn’t been one in going on two decades. The swamp does not like reckoning with taxing and spending levels in a transparent manner. It prefers deal making behind closed doors. The deal is then coupled with forcing eleventh hour votes on rank-and-file members. Most irresponsible of all is the continued congressional unwillingness to address the largest component America’s fiscal policy. That is the unsustainable growth of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

These programs represent a majority of current spending. They account for about $2.2 trillion annually. That’s about half the federal budget. They comprise the vast majority of expected spending growth. Reforming these programs will take hard work. That is the responsibility that comes with the power of federal elected office.

Perhaps nobody has lost an election by spending too much money. This strongly anti-conservative message has failed to generate backlash within congress. But maybe that is the problem we should be addressing. There is a mindset in D.C. that issues other issues are “too important” to worry about paying for. But if something is truly important, shouldn’t it be the easiest thing to prioritize.


A family that does not budget for its needs is setting itself up for disaster. When politicians cannot ensure that the country is on good financial footing, they put our future at risk. It is not too late for elected officials from both parties to do the right thing for the sake of America. They can choose a path of limited and constitutional government.

The action plan…

Changing business as usual so that spending focuses on core responsibilities is possible. Bringing the debt under control is possible and necessary if we want to remain free. Until that happens, only voters can convince politicians that they will lose an election by spending too much money. It is all about you and me. Vote early, vote often.