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So NH’s Maggie “The Red” Hassan hasn’t told voters about her staffer’s data breach?

That’s rather rich coming from an elected official who has been wagging her “I’m from the Government and I’m here to tell you what to do” bony finger at organization who may have had black hat data breaches who stole their data.  So, there’s a difference between getting hacked and a US Senator from NH whose staffers pulled “an inside job”?  Or is it a case of fine for me but not for thee – as in YOU must follow MY law but me, meh?  Strangely quiet, there, Maggie? Reformatted, emphasis mine:

  • Sen. Maggie Hassan collects the SSNs of residents who ask her for help, and the office’s data was stolen by a blackmailer.
  • Hassan does not appear to have notified those constituents that they could be at risk of identity theft…

Sen. Maggie Hassan’s computer system was hacked in what prosecutors called the “largest data theft in Senate history,” yet there is no evidence she informed constituents who may be at risk of identity theft as a result — despite being one of the most vocal advocates for laws requiring hacking victims to do just that. The New Hampshire Democrat’s former IT aide Jackson Cosko was sentenced to four years in prison June 19 for pilfering essentially all the office’s data by paying another Hassan staffer to help him break into the office late at night.

And that pilfering was to dox Republican US Senators simply because he didn’t like their politics (at least, in part).  You know, just a different version of “violence” (hey, if the Left can redefine words, let’s start playing by those rules, right?). And let’s not forget about that other aide, Caitlin Marriot, shall we?

Personnel is policy and policy is the embodiment of thoughts and ideas.  Such as what Maggie Hassen is showing. But this article points out the hypocrisy of our highest elected officials, in this case, the US Senator from NH, blithely believing she is above the law:

One of Hassan’s key issues in the Senate has been requiring companies to notify Americans whose personal information they fail to protect. Hassan sponsored a federal law to that end, but it has not passed. A 2006 New Hampshire law enacted while Hassan was a state legislator requires “any person doing business in this state” to notify anyone whose private data they possess if their systems are hacked, exposing individuals’ data such as social security numbers. It is a crime to knowingly disregard the statute.

…When constituents ask Hassan for help with a problem, she has them fill out a privacy waiver form that requires them to give her their SSN.

So she tells us that she cares about NH residents; so does moving to DC’s Swampland now obviate her from NH’s law that she voted for?  Is this another case of Al Gore’s “no controlling legal authority” syndrome – no law, no need to do anything?  Even as she keeps complaining about the “morality” of companies who simply have done what she is doing now? Is her excuse now that because the Federal law wasn’t passed, she should get a pass for living in DC where there is “no controlling legal authority”?  Moral obligation her butt!

Hassan herself has noted that on top of complying with the law to avoid penalties, companies have a moral obligation to protect Americans who trusted them with their data. “There are state-by-state laws requiring private and public entities to notify individuals when there are security breaches of their personal identifying information. These laws represent the lowest amount of communication required. I’m interested in what companies are proactively doing,” she told Equifax’s CEO in November 2017.

That’s quite rich with irony, isn’t it? She has the temerity to lecture him about one of the largest data breaches in the private sector but has clammed up tighter than an Omerta obligant (re: La Cosa Nostra).

Morality indeed, Maggie – what’s wrong with you?  It’s one thing to lecture others so how about you coming clean?

He was already a convicted felon when she hired him? Why would she do that? This is IT in the U.S. Senate. What is wrong with people?”

(H/T: Daily Caller)