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Most “Hate Crimes” are Hoaxes


In the age of President Trump, the media has a job to do. Advertise ideas that support narratives about Trump and Republicans dishing hate. But an expert has uncovered an inconvenient truth. That 7 in 10 hate crimes are hoaxes.

In his new book ‘Hate Crime Hoax’ Kentucky State Political Science Professor Wilfred Reilly details his research on the subject.

“This phenomenon of fake hate crimes did not appear to be small-scale or regionally based,” Reilly said. He detailed many crimes that were first reported as bigotry against sexual or racial minorities across the country, most of which turned out to be fabricated.

Get Your Popcorn Here!

We’ve reported a few of them here the most recent of which, as far as high profile, is Jesse Smollett. Like Smollett, they appear to attract attention, sympathy, or to perpetuate a stereotype.

Nashua Alderman and Democrat NH House Rep Jan Schmidt has called GraniteGrok a hate site so many times we’ve lost count. She went so far as to state that because of our content fellow Democrat Reps in Merrimack had to get police protection. That was a hoax.

It doesn’t rise to the level of a gay organist spray painting Heil Trump on the side of a church, but it’s in the same ballpark.

Smollett scripted a play, cast roles, and then reported the performance as a hate crime.

The Conservative Tribune adds other examples.

“In 2012 a popular gay bar in suburban Chicago was destroyed by fire, and the owner cited homophobia as the reason. The same year, black students at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside reported death threats from hate groups and found a noose hanging from a dorm room door,” Riley wrote.

“Ultimately, the owner of the bar pleaded guilty to arson and insurance fraud. And a black student at the university confessed to sending racist threats and planting a noose,” he continued.

The fake hate crime at Mizzou resulted in riots that have permanently damaged the schools’ enrollment and reputation. At the University of New Hampshire, there was a riot over a sombrero-wearing student on Cinco de Mayo. Oberlin College.

Bias About Bias

Another problem is hate crime reporting. As you all know by now, I don’t think there is such a thing. Yes, there is hate (look at all these hoaxes), and there are crimes motivated by differences between people (look at how the left treats Republicans) but the term is less criminal and more political. Crammed into law (primarily) by the left to get us used to the idea of the state policing speech and thought. Using bias to infer intention for the purpose of silencing dissent.

In 2017, while GraniteGrok was publishing away, Trump was President, and Republicans controlled the entire New Hampshire state government (in a state that is 94% white), reported hate crimes dropped by 50% in New Hampshire.

Did they? No one knows. You need bias to have a hate crime, by which I mean the investigators or prosecutors need to have a bias about the motivation. Who still thinks that’s a good idea?

New Hampshire supposedly had a record number of hate crimes in 2016. A detail that is subjective to how or what got reported in previous years. This leaves us with the media who, as we’ve seen, are happily hyping hate crimes that promote a partisan narrative while ignoring those that do not.

Oberlin is on the hook for tens of millions for fomenting fake hate. Smollett is under investigation again for his fraud. If we can’t go back and end the hoax that is the idea of hate crimes then we need stricter punishments for those her perpetrate them.