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Hate Crimes Against Jews In NYC

Viewing NYC…

New York City (NYC), which is the nation’s largest city by population, should it be considered a proxy for the United States? New York has a socialist mayor. It has a socialist among its representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives. NYC votes heavily Democratic. Or, is NYC more correctly portrayed as representative of big cities?

Hate crime statistics…

It has come to light that the number of hate crimes in New York City this year has spiked. Is this a trend that develops from governance under leftist leadership? Does this trend indicate where Democrats (socialists) have the nation headed? Is this a function of big cities? Does Democrat leadership foster this type of activity once it has had control for a while?

This year hate crime in the Big Apple rose significantly. NYC officials elaborated on the hate crime rise. The New York Police Department (NYPD) recorded 184 hate crimes through June 2, 2019. That is more than one per day. It is also an increase year over year of 72 which is an increase of about 64%.

They note there has been a major spike in attacks on Jews. Of the 184 hate crimes, 110 or about 60% targeted Jews. That is up from 58 in 2018 which is an increase of about 191%. No other individually tracked group had a subtotal as high as 20, regardless of group size. It appears the increase in hate crime is specific targeting.

During the same period year over year the city shows reduction in overall crimes of about 6% and violent crimes by about 12%. Something has changed. Is it that the number of Jews in NYC has increased proportionally? No, there is no documented comparable rise in Jewish population in the last year in NYC. Has there been a change in political rhetoric locally or nationally? What groups are in the ascendency  based on news coverage?


What is going on in NYC? Is the hate crime increase against Jews localized to the city? Within the city is it localized? Is there a single group targeting Jews? Does the hate crime increase against Jews stem from changes in political activity? Should its source therefore be known, predictable and is it intentional? The cause needs to be identified. The trend in hate crime, specifically Jew targeting, must be reversed. Doesn’t a civil society demand it?