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Democrat Rosemarie Rung Wants Residents to Know ‘Folks Like This Live in Town’ (Meaning Me)

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Merrimack New Hampshire House Democrat Rosemarie Rung has a warning to share. She wants residents to know that ‘Folks like this‘ live in town. Who does she mean? Me, of course. Why? Because I believe that constitutions exist to restrain government, or in this case Rosemarie Rung.

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Rung’s alert followed my defense of Merrimack Republican Rep. Jeanine Notter. House Democrats used their majority to turn Representatives Hall into a Gun-Free Zone. Not the State House. Not even the adjoining rooms. A pointless partisan exercise to inconvenience Republicans (and some Democrats).

Notter and like-minded Reps are ignoring the meaningless vote. Rung calls this rule-breaking dangerous. Says it sends the wrong message.

But advocating for the limits placed on arbitrary acts of State power by the Constitution is the right message. It is our founder’s message. But I will concede one point. That message is a threat to the Democrat Party’s mob-like malfeasance, and if we’re honest, Rosemarie Rung’s indifference to Democrat Party advocacy for rule-breaking.

Note to Rosemarie Rung: Democrats are big on breaking the “rules”

Democrat’s illegal embrace of open borders and sanctuary cities opened the doors to the drug trade and the recent opioid epidemic. This policy exacerbated international human trafficking, sexual abuse, and the mistreatment of women. You can’t have a serious discussion about women’s health or the opioid epidemic without ending sanctuary cities and addressing porous borders. But Ms. Rung defends Democrat border policies that have wasted billions and ruined countless lives.


‘”…Democrat policies on “border security” and immigration have already cost us hundreds of billions of our “hard-earned dollars. And more than a few lives.

The rise of MS-13 gangs, gang violence, identity theft, human trafficking, and drug trafficking is directly connected to Democrat’s open-border policies and DACA. We can include the opioid epidemic that followed. The increase in drug crime, trafficking, overdoses, and deaths is a result of Democrat policies. Priorities that cost us more than money. Every one of those tragic stories the left uses to leverage politicians to spend more taxpayer dollars on enforcement and treatment is a result of Democrat priorities.

Policies that are not just bad examples for our kids, they kill our kids.

Who is holding Rosemarie Rung accountable for her indifference to the rule of law? To these rules.

One Party Speech

In the early months of Mr. Trump’s presidency, the Democrat party openly embraced rule-breaking, intimidation tactics, destruction of property, and violence against Americans. Not a leap given the Left’s support for the violence of BLM and the public disobedience and rule breaking of Occupy Wall-Street. The latest visible incarnation of which is Antifa.  But Antifa has crowd-sourced rule-breaking and mob violence as far back as the ’30s, in Berlin, where communists were fighting for power against National Socialists.

Today’s Antifa has the same goals. Oppose capitalism, free markets, free speech, and the constitutional Republic. Rosemarie may not through her own action support groups like Antifa but may through inaction or indifference as do most in the Democrat party. An indifference to inalienable rights and the rule of law.

Now, I can’t say for certain, but I am willing to bet there is a gaping hole in the public comments of Rosemarie Rung where there should be a rousing defense of free speech and the right of people on the Right to speak and not just in opposition to Antifas mob tactics. 

And I’d be happy to share public comments by Rung opposing that sort of thing. By the same token if there are public comments supporting Antifa-like tactics send those along too. Merrimack voters deserve to know either way the sort of people we’ve elected to represent our town. 

Feel Free to crowdsource the social media remarks of Merrimack Democrats Murphy, Stack, and Thomas as well. I’d bet money they are all lock-step Democrats on these issues.

For the Children

My defense of the constitution is not partisan. I believe that everyone’s speech deserves protection from partisan meddling. That more speech, peaceably delivered, to a willing audience, is always better than less. 

That every American regardless of party registration has a right to equal treatment under the law, and the protections those laws exist to create. Illegal aliens who ignore our laws do not have more rights than those who follow the law. Street thugs who intimidate do not have more rights than the speakers or people who would listen to their words. 

And every law-abiding citizen is entitled to defend themselves anywhere they legally find themselves when lives are at risk – especially when that threat comes from benefactors of the Democrat Party’s serial indifference to the rule of law.

The Inalienable Right to Self Defense

This back and forth began because Rosemarie Rung thought a partisan majority of elected Democrats had the right to disarm whomever they choose regardless of limits placed on them by the Constitution. And she is prepared to prove that point.

Watch as she votes on the slew of Democrat-sponsored gun-grabbing bills rolling through the State House this session. She will extend her indifference to the constitutional protections of those in Representatives Hall to you and me everywhere and anywhere she can. I predict a near 100 percent lock-step assault by Democrat Rosemarie Rung on your Constitutional rights.

In a state that, despite its lack of these restrictions, is consistently one of the safest in the nation. Despite the locales with the laws she supports having some of the highest violent crime rates (including gun-crime) in the country.

If my opposition to these unconstitutional acts makes me appear dangerous to that agenda, then so be it.

But Ms. Rung needs to prepare herself for the possibility that there are more people like me in her town than she can publicly admit. And I am happy to exercise my First Amendment right to communicate with them her indifference to their individual rights and her opinion concerning the “threat” they represent to a government or elected officials who do not view Constitutions as constraints on their power.