Let's see if the schooling just delivered has any impact, shall we, Kevin Broughton? - Granite Grok

Let’s see if the schooling just delivered has any impact, shall we, Kevin Broughton?


Over at my post “Yep, I’m thinking this sums up what a lot of Conservatives are thinking” where I laid out what the Left thinks about the Right,  a certain Kevin Broughton (a “Zero Day” commenter meaning that this was his first DISQUS comment ever – sometimes a sign of being a troll in the making but we’ll see) decided to take some issue with what I had written.

Not a big deal, happens all the time.  But he decided to be my illustration of when the Left tries to use our belief systems against us in a political argument.  Thus, I decided to uplift his comment and my response to a “post level.”  First, click on the link above to get acquainted with the issue, then come on back.

Here’s what he left (emphasis mine, reformatted):

  1. Not to belittle your diatribe here please explain how a Democrat relates to Communism/Socialism. That’s like equating every Republican as a racist.
  2. Rather would not your supposed Christian ethic use a higher road. Ask yourself “What your Jesus would do?”
  3. Name calling is a device children use.
  4. Do you even hear the other side no one has said the Democrats would have open borders, gun ownership may be right but not for every gun not every person, the government should have the bright to limit size .and amount.
  5. Every one should have the right to see a doctor without having to mortgage their home

Sure thing, pal.  The first one was easy – TOO easy, in fact.  A 3-second search just here on GraniteGrok popped up direct evidence to disprove his assertions. So while I’m just an ordinary schlub in Central New Hampsha, I decided to spin up a quick lesson (emphasis mine, some light editing, reformatting):

  1. Starting a couple of years ago, top Democrat Leaders (DC based, others) were asked to explain the difference between the Democrats and Socialists (and remember, even Marx said that Socialism was just a waypoint on the journey to Communism):
  2. With the “Broad Squad” all proclaiming their fealty to “Democrat Socialism” (which is no different than plain old Socialism – just better PR), I take them at their word. Especially, look at the Communist Manifesto link and then come on back and tell me the difference.
  3.  I tried my “Christian ethic” – and got slammed for it and it was used against me (and most of the time, wrongly as they had no clue except for very small and ill-advised verses taken out of context). Instead, for politics I’ve switched to the Democrat / Communist spawned Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I’ve taken enough political beatings in “turning the other cheek” to know that Democrats couldn’t care less – they only wanted the “win” and not be civil.
  4.  When Julian Castro wants to decriminalize illegal entry into our country and other 2020 Dems are all for getting rid of ICE and the enforcement work they do, that they can get drivers licenses and be signed up for welfare programs meant for Citizens, that they should get free or in-state tuition at places where my two combat experienced sons can’t get, that’s pretty much Open Borders
  5. US Senator Diane Feinstein has said that she’d confiscate all guns if she had the vote (and more and more, Dem politicians are willing to state they’re perfectly willing to go past “shall not infringe” and some Dems are perfectly fine with outright confiscation (like Prez Wannabee Swalwell who just dropped out), I believe their plain words.
  6. The Constitution is meant to limit Government, not Citizens so show me in the Second Amendment the words (and NH’s Article 2-A) where Govt has the right to limit size and amount.
  7. And no, NO one is entitled to healthcare – that would be an entitlement, not a Right. A Right stands alone simply by being a US Citizen and it requires nothing from anyone else. I have the Right to Free Speech – but you neither have to listen or pay for me to exercise it. What YOU are trying to do is completely turn the natural law definition of what a Right is by creating obligations mandated onto others simply because you assume healthcare is a Right. That’s selfish to use Government to pay the bill for others out of my pocket unwillingly. How far we have gotten lost from the original intent and the plain black and white words of that foundational legal document called the US Constitution.

So, we’ll see if Mr. Broughton has anything to add.  Assertions demanded – and now answer.  Go ahead, change my mind!