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Yep, I’m thinking this sums up what a lot of Conservatives are thinking

And I want the Left to keep on doing what they’re doing because that’s how you get more Trump (emphasis mine, a little reformatting):

Since Election Night, I’ve been called a racist, a moron, an idiot, a traitor to my gender, and un-American. I’ve been accused of supporting a rapist and a Russian agent. I’ve been questioned about what kind of mother I am to my daughters. Trust me, this is a short list and a vicious environment all Trump voters/supporters have endured for three years. Meanwhile, Dems like Omar demean our country and threaten to strip us of our vote—OUR RIGHTS—by impeaching a president they detest. How exactly should Trump voters respond? Gee, let’s compromise?


The Left started this race war. They degrade citizenship. They trash Americans. They shoot at GOP congressmen and target pro-life high schoolers and chase people out of public spaces. They make the dangerous Nazi comparisons. They jeopardize our security and tranquility

The Dems and media and NeverTrump LIED for more than two years that Trump had colluded with the Kremlin to steal the election. Innocent people were investigated by their own government and harassed by the media and mocked by the public. To date no one has been held accountable.

And what, now we’re supposed to watch our manners? Just take the abuse with a smile? Listen to ungrateful, unaccomplished, spoiled lawmakers insult us and this country and the president and what, be kind?

No thanks

No – and I’m with her – I won’t listen to milquetoast Republicans and Conservatives who are afraid of their own shadows, refuse to fight back, and refuse to clean out their own closets of those that would just take it.  I think a lot of people are thinking the same – including a lot of ‘GrokReaders.  One can be polite for just so long and then!  Yeah, Americans can be very patient and very long-fused but when that patience and fuse run out….BANG!

While I haven’t run into Zandra Rice-Hawkins (Executive Director of Granite State Progress) in a while (outside of some of the hearings on gun bills; she was nice enough to plug in my extension cord when it came loose), she used to do the exact same thing – call me every name in the book.  I can thank her for strengthening my resolve to fight against her use of Cultural Marxism (aka, Political Correctness) whose only purpose is to shut people like me down.  They are fine with their speech – they don’t want to hear from us (they believe, in some strange fashion, it “validates” our perspectives – as if we really need them to validate it in the first place!).

No, I WANT them to continue to call us homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, zenophobic, Deplorables, Irredeemables, Neanderthals, knuckledraggers, Red Necks, white nationalists (which used to be white supremacists), crude, haters, selfish, stupid, fearful, Bible clingers, dangerous (that gun-phobia they have)….feel free to let me know what I forgot to list here.

No, keep them talking as the more they talk, the more the mask falls.  The more the mask falls, we know they are showing their attitude of us Normals towards traditional American values.  Everytime I run across it, my smile keeps getting larger.  You see, a long time ago, I became immune to it – calling me a racist only works for just so long until it becomes firewood for Cold Fury.

No, I want them to keep calling ordinary Americans these names – and more.  I want the Flyover folks to understand what kind of contempt these folks really have for us – like Jeanne Shaheen, Deb Stevens, Chris Pappas Sherry Frost, Annie Kuster, Debra Althschiller, Liz McConnell, and too many more to list here.  Yes, they do have contempt for us because they do believe we are evil.  Not just wrong, not just uninformed – but wrong thinkers.

And they believe it to be true for half the American population. Why else do they all believe in Open Borders so as to replace the current with a new electorate that will think exactly like them.  Demonize us – welcome those that should be here.  Advocate for policies that are antithetical to traditional American Values.

More Trump.

Let me thrown in some headlines just from today (maybe I SHOULD be looking for these – a new running series?):

MSNBC’s Deutsch: Trump Voters No Different Than ‘White Nationalists’ — Trump ‘a Man with Nazi Tendencies

Gender studies professor: Women who believe men can’t become women are like white supremacists

The Morning Briefing: Ilhan Omar Says Boycotting Israel Is Like Boycotting Nazi Germany

CNN Guest: Trump Supporters ‘Fall In the Category of White Supremacy

Alec Baldwin: Our Allies Believe a ‘Mass of Americans Are Outright Racists’ Thanks to Trump

Colorado State University: Terms ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ are not ‘inclusive’

Rassmussen Poll Shows One-Third Of Democrats Believe Criticism Of POC Members Is Racism…

Mayor cancels LGBTQ Pride flag raising at city hall. Now his administration is accused of ‘blatant, unacceptable discrimination.’

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