Transgenderism: " they can replace the rights of citizens with the rights of government." - Granite Grok

Transgenderism: “…so they can replace the rights of citizens with the rights of government.”

by Tom Ambrose | 

I’ve been watching with both fascination and horror at the increase in news stories about letting men compete as women in women’s sports. Women fought for decades for the equal opportunity to have sports available and funded for their gender so they, too, could also compete in what was once a domain primarily available to men.

Stories have started coming out about how young women are losing sports scholarships because men came along — who were generally stronger and faster than them — and out-competed them merely because they now call themselves girls. Does that seem reasonable or fair to you? Democrats — who started this mess with same-sex shower and bathroom availability for men who called themselves women — are now saying that the solution lies in de-emphasizing the entire concept of competition.

Along the same lines, socialism has been rightly defined as the equal sharing of misery. Just one of many varieties of Marxism (with communism being the ultimate goal). De-emphasizing competition is precisely what Marxists do and why its various incarnations do not work. Nobody is motivated to work harder, to innovate or to advance in any way because everyone is supposed to be “equal” in every way. This leads to emphasizing EQUALITY OF RESULTS.

There’s a little problem here though: Girls and boys are not built or wired equally the same, regardless of what they may or may not do to mutilate their anatomy. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that’s just a reality of anatomy and physiology. God was the designer, not me or anyone else.

In the United States, we do things differently. We are certainly not perfect, but we try to make sure everyone has EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY to do what they want to do. As for results, they can do as little or as much as they are motivated to accomplish, and they are rewarded correspondingly.

But it is becoming clearer every day that Democrats have become Marxist in their basic beliefs. Centralized government control, confiscatory taxes, and pandering to every constituency they can con — under the pretense of making sure everyone is being treated equally — have become the hallmarks of what most Democrat representatives now believe. It is insidious and dangerous because history has repeatedly documented that it leads to a police state and the loss of freedom and liberty. One need only look at what is currently happening in Venezuela to see once again just how true this is.

To accomplish these ends, it requires that Democrats undermine our Constitution so they can replace the rights of citizens with the rights of government — taking away our guns so we cannot fight back is but one example. God have mercy on us if we allow them to continue to progressively dismantle and destroy the United States.


Tom Ambrose is the former commentary editor of WorldNetDaily ( and night editor of the Citizen of Laconia.  In addition to over 25 years working as a reporter, commentator and editor, he has been a featured public speaker and a guest on various radio programs