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Summer Lovin’ Happened so Fa-ast – Oil Prices Dropping, But Can it La-ah-ast?

Crude Oil Price Jun 2019

Last summer the price of oil did something it does around Memorial Day. It spiked. Democrats declared doom for the economy, and it was President Trump’s fault.

Prices would soar. Families would be destroyed. Wives and daughters would be sold to human traffickers. Sons would be bartered off to MS-13 gangs in hopes of securing some heroin or fentanyl to ease the pain. Cats and Dogs, living together, to borrow from Dr. Peter Venkman in the good Ghostbusters movie. Trump should be impeached.

But then, like most of the things Democrats fantasize about, it wasn’t real.

This year, things are the same but different.

The week before Memorial Day, 2019 oil was around $63.00 a barrel. Last July it was $74.00. By January it had crashed to $42.50 and the current trend has us heading that way over the summer. A far cry from June of 2014 when oil was over 100.00 a barrel.

As we’ve often noted, that’s fracking

How many geopolitical crises (real or imagined) have we endured in the last few years? Those things that used to push the price of oil, and gasoline with it, up to uncomfortable amounts per gallon?

Read the headlines. The looming trade war. Chinese Tariffs. Conflicts with Iran. The Middle East (anything). Saudis won’t let oil bottom out. 

The only real threat to energy production at present appears to be Democrats. Don’t drill. Leave it in the ground. No pipelines or refining infrastructure. Taxes, fees, no LNG. And they’d put an end to fracking in a heartbeat.

And not just because they hate fossil fuels. Stable energy prices shore up economic recoveries and growth. All those record-breaking employment figures for blacks and Latinos and young people are the results of pro-jobs policies, tax cuts, a focus on US manufacturing first, and a more stable energy market.

All while the left peddles the image of saber-rattling Trumphitler with his hand over “the button.”

The only button is the one that shuts down the American energy sector and returns us to the days when our gas prices would have to be a lot higher because that’s what the Democrats want.

As for Summer 2019, it looks like oil is heading back below $50.00/barrel so buy a few extra packs of burgers and more beer and enjoy it while it lasts. Unlike the Right, the Left never takes a vacation from trying to rob you for the greater good of their agenda. 

They are so committed to your economic ruin that they’d impeach a president on no evidence to make it happen.