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Zombies from the Left’s Narrative Graveyard – Gas Prices

Gas prices heat map NE 1-18-2019

Right before Memorial Day weekend, 2018, the desperate Left was blaming Mr. Trump for rising gas prices. This “hidden tax” was depriving the peasants of that meaningless tax cut Republicans had passed. Denying these families their crumbs. Trump should be impeached.

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Prices would soar. Families would be destroyed. Wives and daughters would be sold to human traffickers. Sons would be bartered off to MS-13 gangs in hopes of securing some heroin or fentanyl to ease the pain. Cats and Dogs, living together, to borrow from Dr. Peter Venkman in the good Ghostbusters movie. Trump should be impeached.

Until, without warning, the narrative vanished.

For reasons yet unknown (at least to the left) gas prices didn’t do what they had promised (not unlike the climate). Things settled down. Then horror of horrors, gas got cheaper.

It’s mid-January, 2019 and the price of a gallon of gas ranges anywhere from just under $1.50 per gallon to $2.97 or more.

Gas prices heat map 1-18-2019

[view and zoom in on the gas price heat map here]

Why are they All Still in Office?

Leave it to the tax hell of California to screw up the curve. Anyplace overrun with Democrats, actually. Places where legislators are deliberately depriving families of not just crumbs. Significant transportation levies on paychecks. Tithing to the priests of the environmental gods or at least the gods of government.

No one is suggesting these highway robbers should be impeached, though they should. Not that their enthralled dependents wouldn’t just replace them with new ones. Zealots will do that.

Setting the Record Straight

Over at NPR they doing their part to remind us that this is temporary. It is, but that’s the story they were pumping back in June and July. After prices didn’t do what they wanted. 

There’s an oil glut. And they do and say all the same old things but finish with a flourish. The real threat of low gas prices is that consumers will buy SUV’s. And then drive them around more.

When gas prices are low, people are less motivated to cut back on driving or to seek out smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles — which, in turn, makes it harder for the U.S. to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and curb its contribution to climate change.

“People really react very quickly to this,” Montgomery says. “They believe that they’re saving a lot more money than they actually are. And so they will buy more SUVs or bigger cars.”

The inference is that this is an expensive mistake. As opposed to electing Democrats or living in places like California?