Notable Quote - It's all about tolerance towards them until Power has been achieved - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – It’s all about tolerance towards them until Power has been achieved


…Turning to the Equality Act, Biden said, “I promise you if I’m elected president it will be the first thing I ask to be done. It will send a message around the world, not just at home.”

“This is our soul, da*mit, this is who we have to be… This is our real moral obligation,” he said. “Using religion or culture to discriminate against or demonize LGBTQ individuals is never justified. Not anywhere in the world.”

Where does that leave people of faith who refuse to celebrate the LGBTQ revolution? Biden doesn’t say. But make no mistake: the Equality Act would result in widespread discrimination against Christians and others who believe the Bible’s teaching on sexuality and gender. Doctors would be forced to ignore science and perform transgender surgeries, bakers would be forced to bake cakes celebrating gay weddings, and students in school locker rooms would be forced to shower with members of the opposite sex. There would be no safe harbor for conscientious objectors. And they won’t stop there. Eventually, they’ll tie government permits and professional licensure to these issues. Refuse to perform a mutilating transgender surgery on a teenager? No medical license for you! Refuse to march in a city-sponsored LGBTQ parade? Hand in your gun and your badge, bigot. Refuse to teach kindergartners that they can choose their own gender? Good luck keeping your teaching certificate. Refuse to hire homosexuals at your private Christian college? No accreditation for you, suckers. And it won’t even stop there. Eventually, they’ll come for our churches too.

While President Trump and Vice President Pence have made some valiant efforts to stem the tide and preserve religious freedom, there’s no putting this toothpaste back into the tube. Eventually, barring a miraculous cultural and spiritual revolution in the other direction, the LGBTQ bullies will prevail, if not during Trump’s administration, then during one in the near future. Make no mistake: Giving progressives control of the government, whether it be the White House or the Senate or your local city council, is like playing Russian roulette with religious liberty.

-Paula Bolyard (PJ Media)

While America was founded on religious freedom and ensconced into the First Amendment as part of our foundational law, Progressives (who “love” the Constitution only when it suits their agenda) are perfectly fine with state laws, local ordinances, and private policies that subvert that Right to Freedom of Expression.  Every move they make is to subvert our natural Right and replace it with a coerced and politically correct one – and only they are allowed to determine this relativist morality that they expect the rest of us to kow-tow to.