Let's Fund More Job Training - Because They did Such a Bang-up Job with the Education Monopoly. - Granite Grok

Let’s Fund More Job Training – Because They did Such a Bang-up Job with the Education Monopoly.


On the job training is a staple of most workplaces. I know more than a few employers who prefer that method. It allows them to create the habits they want in their workforce. But Democrats think they can spend your money more effectively on job training than the people with the jobs.

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Because they did such a bang-up job with the education monopoly?

Imagine if you will, a business, any business. It invests in training its employees. It commits resources to add value that will result in an individual whose productivity exceeds the costs of the training. Waste would be, as much as it can be, kept to a minimum. The focus would be to direct the new employee toward the necessary tasks that are needed.

One day some politician, probably a Democrat, comes to you and says, hey, we’d like to make everyone pay for that training. It won’t be as targeted, and it’s more likely skills they should have learned from their overpriced public school “education” we made everyone pay for, but we’re prepared to milk that cow again, and this time we promise they’ll learn something.

Or maybe we’ll just write you a check. 

What could go wrong?

The odds are good that when the government offers to make someone else absorb your costs of doing business, you’ll be inclined to go along. More so if there does not appear to be any obvious string or strings attached but there are always strings.

To attach those strings, the government offers more millions to teach potential employees basic skills we probably already paid the government to teach, like math. Do it again, but this time with more feeling!

So, is it less job training and more bribery or hush money?

Hey, here’s a check for the trouble. Teach the comrade a skill but don’t tell anyone why they never learned anything useful after 13 years of government public school immersion.

And let’s not forget job skills are not a forte of the left. They are obsessed with pushing everybody into higher education to become campaign fund drug mules and activists. The snowflake, diversity-mill, useless degrees money laundering scheme. Government-backed student loans to white tower liberals to Democrat campaign contributions. 

They’d rather create an unproductive credentialed ruling class and bribe their presumed lessers with promises of higher minimum wages that result in fewer jobs and less income. More people tied to the strings of the state welfare industrial complex.

And hey, how about we further assuage our guilt with taxpayer-backed job training? 

Do any of these skills we’d be paying for include viewing the world from someplace other than the partisan “feelings” gulag into which the education establishment tried relentlessly to stuff everyone’s brain?

You would be right to have your doubts.

Of course, we could use more plumbers, carpenters, electricians, assemblers, and machinists. There is a long list of useful and rewarding “good-paying jobs.” But that’s training you can get for short money at a community college or on the job. Heck, some companies will pay your college freight then finish the training without any cost to taxpayers.

You don’t need millions in government money. The employers and the people can and have been making successful career and training decisions in these areas without state interference since the dawn of mankind. The market creates affordable, productive, solutions (and pays for it themselves) to solve its own employment problems and always has.

So, why interfere unless there is some other agenda?

The state gets to tax and spend. Liberals can pretend they are doing good. Some employers may benefit at least in some small way at least for marketing the next grand scheme. The bureaucrats get their strings. And the government maintains or gains more power and influence.

The employee, employer, training relationship needs none of that, but like everything else from the Left, the goal has nothing to do with the window dressing. Hey, let’s divert millions over here to plump my resume as a voice for “the people.”

Bigger more intrusive meddling government people.

Like Merrimack’s Four Horsewomen of the Leftwing Apocalypse (and 99% of all Democrats in the NH House) who voted to spend more of our money to cover for the failure of the public education monopoly to produce human beings capable of learning without state interference. 

And for intervening yet again in relationships in which they have no business whatsoever all for the greater glory of government.

Note: SB2 includes a provision to fund yet another job training program