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Tolerance and Acceptance or Racism and Marxism

The founders, those who wrote the U.S. Constitution, understood people. They knew sometimes there is a need to complain publicly about governmental policies adversely affecting us. The American Revolution began with just such protests.

The Declaration of Independence was a 28 item list of grievances against the King. Demonstrations are part of the fabric of America. Our first amendment says in part that the Congress shall make no law abridging “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

Why respond…

But let’s face it, government does control when and how people demonstrate. The more embarrassing the demonstration the more attention it is likely to draw. When the subject matter is too visibly embarrassing to the deep state, the media, or the two gangs that make up our one party state; it is likely to be suppressed. But most of the time demonstrations simply vent frustration while posing no threat to control by the state. Demonstrators can generally be mollified and pandered to later.

Motivation in control…

Police do not believe in your first amendment rights. They exist to exercise power and control. The operational phrase is to “serve and protect”. Think about that. What is it short for? Do they “serve and protect the state”? Shouldn’t the phrase be “serving you and protecting your rights to life, liberty and property rights”? Is protecting your rights to demonstrate peacefully against state policies in their job description? Who signs the paychecks? I’m just asking…

The media’s narrative…

In demonstrations the rule is: My enemy’s enemy is my friend. Not everyone comes to the demonstration for the same reason. The media are in league with the fourth branch of government in their reporting. Their reporting will support the narrative the media are invested in. The media are players in politics. They are not non-biased reporters of fact. We are well served to understand what passes for journalistic impartiality and balance.

The progression…

The powers that be do not give a rat’s hat about your demonstration. They could care less about the reasons that may have compelled you to participate. To the extent your demonstration may create bad press for them, they care. Imperil their grip on power and they cease to respect your first amendment rights. The security progression may have started with COINTELPRO. It’ growth certainly accelerated with the USA PATRIOT ACT. There is now a cadre of descendent state security authorizations.


The question for us to consider is: Are the people who constitute the deep state interested in “doing the right thing”? Is their control of the security mechanisms of the state actually following our constitutional values and principles? If we appreciate how the state works today do we believe that to be true? The state wants those in coalitions of special interest to bow to the will of the state.

They expect us to continue to shell out for taxes, pay those fees, get those permits, pay those fines but above all shut up, sit down, strap in and ride… quietly. These thoughts and perceptions apply equally to the coup attempt against the sitting president. There is a game a foot that is dangerous to our safety, security, health and well-being. It is a clear and present danger.