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Conway Pubic Library – Still Won’t Release Full Stage Names of Drag Queen Performers

Conway Public Library

Everyone makes fun of clowns. It’s a derogatory term. But dress a man like a woman (ala  Drag Queens), hand him a storybook (when he’s not too busy doing the 21st century equivalent of burlesque) and you damn well better embrace them as role models for children.

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Who are these people? We don’t know. The Conway Pubic Library and its water carriers continue to hide their full stage names and their legal names. That’s not suspicious.

For the record, if you are a guy who likes ladies’ clothes and makeup, have at it. I don’t care. Keep a job, pay your taxes, raise a “family,” go to jury duty, live two or three lives or just one as long as you follow the law. If it makes you self-reliant and self-supporting, you are welcome to your choices.

But the people of Conway don’t know you from Adam or Eve. And that’s a problem.

Drag Queens who are sexual predators (registered, sexual offenders) have been given access to children in libraries because organizers or residents didn’t make or take the time to vet them or hid those details.

Did any curious locals get a similar treatment to what we see in Conway? Accusations of bigotry, discrimination, even being labeled neo-Nazis. By people defending their own lack of transparency.

It’s a problem.

Locals are relying on the judgment of individuals who thought it would be an excellent idea for sex performers to read books to children. 

If that Were Not Bad Enough

As I’ve so often pointed out, the American College of Pediatricians likens the imposition of gender confusion on kids as a form of child abuse. The Conway Library performers are gender confused adults. The stories they will read are about gender confusion directed at children. The entire event is about promoting gender confusion.

The meeting to address public questions resulted in zero answers but a lot of threats.

DQSH at Conway Library

Is it all to protect a lifestyle littered with higher than typical rates of smoking, addiction to drugs, or alcohol? Choices with extremely high rates of suicide (especially among the target age group for a Library event).

How exactly are these sex-performers role models to our children? I don’t think they are but for a few influential (or well-connected) folks in the area who want to promote this.

  • But is that what the majority of people in town want?
  • Is it a suitable use for a “public” library?
  • Is the library prepared to open itself to storytime or other events by religious groups who might oppose the LGBTQ agenda?
  • How about pro-life story time?
  • Traditional Marriage Storytime.

Were these folks playing activist just looking for the cultural fight? Because no one would be complaining if this was organized and held on private property. It wasn’t.

All the other particulars aside taxpayers always have a right to know how public resources are used and those hosting this event are not forthcoming.

Why do they feel the need to hide things from their citizens? And is that a trait you feel comfortable with in any elected public position? 

You can’t even get the full stage names of these ‘performers.’ Why? What are they hiding?