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Drag Queen Story Time Exposes Children to a Registered Sex Offender

Drag queen registered sex offender read to children

There’s a nationwide movement to turn boys into girls. Your local Public library is part of it. Libraries all across the nation are helping to coordinate these Drag Queen events to expose children. In Houston, they were exposed to a registered sex offender.

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The Left’s culture war includes exposing boys to anything that will make them question their sexuality. Anything. Even if it means accidentally subjecting them to sex offenders like Alberto Garza, a.k.a. Tatiana Mala Nina.

What kind of system is in place to choose the readers in this program? There’s isn’t a school in town, public or private, that would allow a volunteer to work with the children without a criminal background check. That’s the reality of today’s world. Garza was convicted in 2008 of assaulting an eight-year-old boy. Garza is now 32 years old. A former prosecutor produced the record of Garza’s conviction.

Nice mention of public schools and background checks but public schools are still the single greatest source of incidents of child sexual abuse in America. So, I guess we should excuse the library for missing the boat on this one.

The library apologized but not for exposing young children to a lifestyle that is wholly inappropriate for children.

Wondering out loud what child and family services think about this? Who am I kidding? They’re part of the government too.

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