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Stalin – #2 undermine America’s morality

Having written my post that explored Communist Joe Stalin’s words as a riff on Steve’s post, I just stared when I saw this over at Instapundit:

Morality?  As the Progressives increasing decide that subject after subject, issue after issue, that there should be “No Stigma” – what traditional social mores are left that keep that “Societal Wall” upright?  The drumbeat is constant and unyielding – that’s not bad, this isn’t either, how DARE you judge ME, have you walked a mile in their shoes?  The litany of tearing down your defenses, your sense of right and wrong, is under assault and it is unending.

Progressives are intent on unmooring you from your beliefs – because theirs are the Morally Superior ones. Instead of the hundreds or thousands of years of traditions and mores that Civil Society built up to protect itself from these infestations and diseases, Progressives are hellbent (in more than one way) in undermining them.  Why?  So they can remake you into their image.

Whether you like it or not.  TV, film, newspapers, radio, magazines, our educational system (like this), our history, our laws, and even redefining our common language (a la 1984) – Culture is being transformed before our eyes.  Nope, it isn’t just to be edgy just to attract eyeballs – it is, as Andrew Brietbart held: Politics is downstream of culture.  Change the culture and capturing the politics becomes child’s play.

And that’s what the Left is doing – playing you like you are a child.  Which, in their eyes, you are a child and too stupid to manage your own affairs. And you’re letting them do it.  Face it, it’s hard to stand up against a tsunami, a raging torrent, when you think you’re alone.  And that tsunami is undermining the Principles on which you stand and you wonder why everything is turned upside down and inside outward?

Back to that image above. Pedophobe:

That who have fear or dislike of children. The plural of PEDOPHOBE is PEDOPHOBES

No, not pedophile – someone who is so selfish that they want to have sex with children.  That’s a dangerous situation in and of itself and still makes the  “Well, I guess we’re done here, Society” still valid. Yet, there are those that ARE trying to normalize that as well to the point of “oh, ok” just like the Left has done in normalizing homosexuality, gay marriage, drag queens working to normalize themselves by telling stories to little children in libraries (and stating it IS to normalize their behavior) and transgenderism.  And don’t get me started on how the Left treats the absolute nastiness that has become San Francisco and Seattle with used drug needles all over place along with the dreck from people relieving themselves anywhere they want like they’re no different than a common animal.  And the Left says we need to be “compassionate” and create more government programs as a ‘Solution’.

Pedophobe – someone that hates children.  Or the idea of children. Or having children around them.  Or in society.  And those that have them are wrong (re: Treehugger but for the sake of GAIA and lessening carbon footprints…yet another rant for later). And this notion is growing?  Doubt me?

Look at our falling birth rate and the uptake in adults having cats, dogs, or other pets instead of children.  Look at the political leaders of Britain, France, and Germany – le creme de la creme of UE.  May, Marcon, and Merkel – none of them have children.  None of them are “invested” in the future.  In fact, they’ve outsourced that – to illegal immigrants believing that they’d just assimilate (and as we have been seeing in real time, a really bad choice).

Here in the US, those that have large families, like our grandparents, are Othered and mocked. One baby is fine, two are ok, three starts getting the upraised eyebrows, and more than four gets not only audible whispers but also quite verbal tongue lashes (e.g., how can you be so selfish).  Unless, of course, you are a single mom whose doesn’t know who the baby donors are but can always count on Government to be husband and father (as if more government programs and bureaucrats could ever be such) – then you are a protected class with Stigma removed.

This sums it up:

To paraphrase Mark Shea, show me a culture that despises chastity and virginity and I will show you a culture that despises children

A culture that despises children, refuses to have, nurture and raise its own, has decided to commit a slow rolling suicide. There will be no replacements to continue its self-loathing. It will not go out with a bang but with the selfish whimper of “I don’t WANT to take care of children – I like my life as it is”.

It has declared that it is not worth anything and shouldn’t exist. It has succumbed to nihilism – the stock and trade of the results of Leftism.  It is their ultimate Utopia – or at least the Law of Unintended Consequences’ ramification of such.

But that’s for them. We’re not Progressives.  In this new year, we can do something about it.