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NH Bills that are going to receive vetoes from Gov. Sununu

There has been a lot of angst from you, GraniteGrok readers, that I have seen both here in comments here on the ‘Grok as well as on Facebook. Most of them surround “where is my State heading?  What is happening to the ‘Live Free or Die’ ethos we grew up with (or moved here for)?  What do the Progressives believe that Government has the right to change everything – what we can do, what we can’t do – our very morality?”.  And I could go on and on.  And much of it is coming down to one practical thing: give how the Democrats have gone after Liberty and Freedom, what is Governor Sununu going to do? With all these Progressives demands that we change, is Governor Sununu going to veto ANY of these bills?

The high water mark is 73 vetoes in a single session by former Gov. Mel Thompson. I’ve been told to expect to see this mark erased – so here’s a start.

First – ANY and ALL gun-restricting and anti-gun bills are going to be vetoed.  Bar none; Full Stop.  Gov. Chris Sununu has made it clear that he thinks our gun laws are fine the way they are (remember, the first bill he signed was to “unrestrict” the concealed carry process and finally restore our Second Amendment / Article 2-A Right to keep and bear arms without having to ask Mommy Govt first (e.g., Constitutional Carry). That is going to be used as the standard of measure for all of the gun bills (and those we haven’t reported on yet) that the Constitutional / Freedom hating Democrats have rammed through the NH House and Senate (or at least told to me by my source).

Here are some more of the bills that have been relayed to GraniteGrok (HB = House Bill, SB = Senate Bill) that will be receiving the Red Pen treatment:

  • HB 1 / HB712 – mandatory Paid Family Medical Leave (aka, an income tax)
  • HB397 – drivers licenses for illegal aliens / illegal immigrants
  • HB 686 – “interim” (Hahahahaha – interim?) cost for adequate education and putting taxes on capital gains
  • SB196 – stripping parental rights w/respect to non-academis surveys in public schools from an opt-in to an opt-out for every survey
  • HB455 – doing away with the death penalty for capital (and changing it to life imprisonment)
  • HB105 – essentially allow voter fraud free reign and “removes the requirement” for voter fraud investigation by the SecState
  • HB106 – undoes the 2018 definition of resident, inhabitant, residence, residency.
  • SB7 – allows for automatic DMV voter registration (no chances for fraud here, right?) unless one opts-out
  • SB13 – Raises our electrical rates by forcing electricity companies to purchase renewable energy at the retail price (instead of wholesale; think a house with solar panels on the roof).
  • SB67 – Mucks up the definitions of a resident and residency to allow almost anyone from anywhere to vote in NH elections.

Thus far, it is a very short list. I’m not privy to any others but if the goal is to beat Gov. Mel Thompson’s record, there’d better be a whole bunch more.

You know what else is needed? The practical application of this that I wrote back on November 8:

If the NH Republican Party wants to win, and win Consistently, act like you believe in the Platform.  Speak like you do and at each and every turn.  Vote like you do at each and every opportunity.  And Legislate like there’s no tomorrow because two days ago was that “no more tomorrow” – and you blew it.

So what should Republicans doing RIGHT NOW as a back stop if Sununu doesn’t come through?  Preparing for Good Luck in which Good Luck is defined as doing your homework NOW, doing it in a detailed way, and then being smart enough to recognize when the opportunity to use that homework appears.

The opportunity is when the NH GOP takes back all three branches of NH Government.  The homework is to have a whole Elephant Walk of bills ready to go NOW. Don’t wait, don’t prevaricate.  Don’t be one of those that “goes along with the flow” or “we’ll get to it when we get there”.  Start now, write hard, be ready.

But Skip, what kinds of bills should we write?

Really, you HAVE to ask a stupid question (and yes, it IS a stupid question)?  It should be rather simple – if you love NH, realize that you are responsible for unwinding all of the Progressive / Socialist bills that have been passed this session.  And for a bonus, go back to all the others they’ve done in sessions passed.

If something has been passed that takes even the tiniest slice of Liberty or Freedom away from we, the Individuals, repeal it.   Don’t listen to the ignoramus nonsense of the Democrats when they start screaming “BUT IT’S SETTLED LAW!!!!!”.

NOTHING is settled.  EVAH.  After all, everything they are doing this session WAS settled – and they are changing it.  Stop falling for the falsity of their rhetoric. Remember, they do hate you.

And they hate us (and I know this because I have their own words).