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New Hampshire Democrats Raise Your Electric Bill Again To Fund their Personal Priorities

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Back around 2006 New Hampshire Democrats happily abrogated taxing authority to an out-of-state commission. This body, known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), was granted the power to tax you through your electric bill and then pass it off to Concord after taking a handling fee.

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It’s a simple Environmental protection racket. RGGI thugs knock on your electricity providers door. The providers hand over the cash collected from your electric bill and the thugs launder it back into the coffers in Concord.

At the time they passed it, the tax was projected to increase annually. A yearly raise in tax collections for which no legislator would ever have to vote. The perfect scheme.

Republicans have tried to pry RGGI’s claws out of your pockets for years. The best they could do was to rebate almost all of the stolen money back to business owners and citizens.

But Democrats, always greedy for cash, are trying to claw it all back. HB582 would do that. It raises your already high electric rates in the name of a scam so they can spend it. The bill breezed through the House and has just passed the State Senate.

A meaningless gesture that will have no benefit to the environment and may harm it. A taking that gives power back to the unelected board at RGGI to tax you so that New Hampshire Democrats can gift the proceeds to projects they deem worthy.

Republicans thought you were worthy. They trust you to make the decisions with your money (even about CO2).

Democrats not only don’t trust you at all and want your money for themselves, they expect you to believe that they can not only “do something” it can do it better than you. Pro Tip – They will spend it, and not necessarily on the things they said they would.

Ask Governor Sununu to veto HB582 and then contact your State Reps and State Senators and ask them to support that veto.