It's Earth Day Generate Some CO2 and Save the Planet - Granite Grok

It’s Earth Day Generate Some CO2 and Save the Planet


While the climate goons are punishing you for emitting CO2 this and every earth day know this. Historically CO2 is very low globally. Most of it is trapped in the ground, sequestered in plants and animals. And our job is to set it free.

We do that through capitalism, prosperity, and responsibly by helping impoverished countries climb out of poverty with affordable energy and more efficient technology for using it.

Yes, there is some science out there that says too much CO2 is bad for plants. Too much of anything is bad for any living thing. But the argument is flawed. The vast expanse of plant life on earth (including us) rose at times when CO2 was exponentially higher than it has ever been during the modern era.

The trick, of course, is that the socialists want to use their argument to grow state power. Seriously, name one socialist nation that gives a s**t about the environment? None. Zero. Any noise to the contrary is just that.

Green policy is about shifting money to the government not the greening of the earth. We need CO2 for the latter.

To hide this reality search engines push the idea that 350-400 ppm are all plants need. Maybe 500 ppm. Search them and see. Sure, and plants can manage at 150 ppm of atmospheric CO2, but anything below that and they start to die off.

If you want more plants, you need more CO2 — a lot more. The entire food chain collapses without plants so we want more of them. But a more significant ppm number doesn’t feed the climate cult cause. It’s not scary to say we’re at 440 ppm, but even 1000 ppm is no big deal. People would laugh at them as they drove away in their Suburbans and Escalades.

The low number creates both the perception of crisis and a case for immediacy where neither exists. And there’s no crisis nor is it immediate.

Occupants in a Submarine can live at 5000 ppm for months. There’s no reason to do that, but no climate cultist in their left mind is going to admit that fact. Even 1000 is too much wiggle room for their agenda. We’d rightly dismiss their nonsense, which we do because the reality is much simpler than all their climate voodoo.

The planet is greater danger from the Left’s political agenda than it is from Capitalism or the free market.