Nashua Voters: Your Elected Officials Smear Anyone Who Stands in Their Way. - Granite Grok

Nashua Voters: Your Elected Officials Smear Anyone Who Stands in Their Way.

Nashua High north

by Beth Scaer |

My name is Beth Scaer, I am a Nashua resident, and I am here to support Doris Hohensee. Doris was elected to the Nashua Board of Education because the voters trust her and respect her. There has never been a hint of racism in her life and, in fact, her history on the board of education shows quite the opposite. One huge example is that Doris swung the undecided board members to choose Dr. Mosley as superintendent. Why in the world would a racist do that?

Now, Ms. Raymond, claims out the blue that a single quote that Doris posted on Facebook concerning the harms of social and emotional learning programs proves that she is a white supremacist. This is such a bizarre assertion that I can only surmise that you and others making it are so determined to carry out a vicious smear campaign to achieve your own political ends that you don’t care how foolish this accusation makes you appear.

And I am all too familiar with the vicious smear campaigns being carried out by our elected Nashua officials. Last summer, I attended a “Coffee with the Mayor” event and I asked an innocent question of Mayor Jim Donchess. He was so offended by the question that he launched into a vicious smear against me in front of all the people gathered there. He made a number of vicious and false accusations against me and those in attendance believed him. It was completely shocking to me that an elected official would do that.

And then when a group of us attended a library trustees’ meeting to express our concerns about an event being held at the library, again we were smeared. Alderman Shoshanna Kelly had an editorial in the Telegraph saying that we obstructed the trustees meeting and were there to spread hatred. Again, none of it was true.

And finally my state representative Debra Steven accused me of harassing and physically assaulting people merely because I posted something of Facebook in support of another candidate running for state rep against her. It was another vicious smear.

Any of you that aren’t in lockstep with our elected officials’ beliefs could be the next victim of a smear campaign by our elected officials. They have no compunction about destroying the reputations of innocent people that they perceive as getting in the way of their political ambitions.

They are salivating over the possibility of completely taking over our city’s board of education and every elected seat in this city. They have nearly achieved their goal, and Doris, and a few others stand in their way. Doris’ presence on this board, questioning their policy proposals, speaking up for the students and parents and teachers who have different opinions than they do infuriates them and they are taking no prisoners in their efforts to destroy Doris’ reputation.

To the voters of Nashua, look at what our elected officials are doing and ask yourself if this is how you want your city to be run, everyone in lockstep, dictating everything that goes on in your city?

There is an election this fall for mayor, the board of aldermen, and members of the board of education. Please remember this disturbing spectacle when you cast your ballot.

Thank you.


Testimony given before the Nashua Board of Education.