#SexStrike - Are Democrats Trying to Put Planned Parenthood Out of Business? - Granite Grok

#SexStrike – Are Democrats Trying to Put Planned Parenthood Out of Business?

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The universe is filled with mysteries but these two things I know for sure. If people do not have sex, there can be neither future generations nor abortions that prevent them.

So, what exactly is going on with recent calls by so-called feminist Democrats? They are demanding a sex strike and asking women not to have sex with men.

I love it! The benefits of this idea are numerous (in no particular order).

First, any significant reduction in sex by liberal women means fewer pregnancies. Fewer pregnancies means fewer children of liberal women raised to believe they are socialist-intersectional aardvarks.

Second, this will cut significantly into the cash flow of Planned Parenthood. Sans sex, there’s no need for contraception or abortion which is the majority of the “women’s health care” services they provide.

Third, any cash shortfall for the Abortion giant means donations to Democrat candidates will necessarily plummet.

Fourth, fewer babies will be executed if liberal women are not making them to kill them.

Fifth, irony. Liberal women who have been ranting about the evils of abstinence are self-abstaining, and that’s hilarious.

Sixth, Conservative women will create meaningful, lasting relationships with confused men who will become convinced to vote Republican to defend their wages, liberties, and in defense of themselves and their families.

Seventh, evolution. A decline in left-wing babies and an increase in right-wing babies will create a majority generation of individuals more interested in hard-work than working hard to use the law to steal from others.

Eight, this will Make America Great Again.

I’m sure there are more, but regardless of the number, I am all in on Liberal women not having sex until they “get body autonomy back” because it will also be useful for cats who will take the place of men in the lives of all of these liberal women.

And who doesn’t like cats? They did, after all, create the internet to promote their species and it has worked out for them wonderfully.