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Democrat Scaremongering on Roe vs. Wade – A Supreme Court Nomination Battle Primer

GlennMcCoy-20150611-AbortionRaspberryWith the retirement of Justice Kennedy, Mr. Trump has the opportunity to ‘shape the court’ for decades. Democrats are frantically looking through their narrative junk drawer for a story-line the media can sell to whoever will listen. Outrage for the it-takes-a-village sheeple to robotically regurgitate on social media, at the office ‘watercooler,’ or their neighbor’s “lawns” over the upcoming 4th of July barbequepalooza and beyond.

They are so desperate that Justice Kennedy wasn’t done retiring before the Schumernator was reaching for microphones and looking for cameras to shout a name from atop his ideological s**twagon. The martyred icon of Supreme-Court-Justices-not-appointed-past. Merrick Garland!

You ($#*!%$!) Republicans wouldn’t consider Garland because of the upcoming Presidential election. “Let the people speak you said” so that applies here. No, it doesn’t.

First, the “Hey, we should wait” rule was created by Democrats specifically in a presidential election year and later adopted by Republicans. Second, this is a mid-term, not a Presidential election, and we already have a Senate “precedent” (also) set by Democrats for that.

The last time we had a Supreme Court Justice appointed right before a mid-term was 2010. The Democrat Majority Senate quickly approved Obama-nominated Liberal Justice Elena Kagen in August before they got wiped out in November. Democrats could only hope they fare that well after Trump’s next pick is appointed.

Consider yourself armed for the conflict.

The next narrative is one of my favorites. Whoever gets appointed will destroy a Women’s right to kill unborn babies Health Care.  A conservative court will overturn Roe v. Wade.

This will get a lot of play, but it is nonsense. Even if a case came up and it found it’s way to their doorstep, and the court took it, which is not a given nor is the outcome. But let’s pretend because that’s what liberal do.

What happens if the light of day shines so bright that the shadows of the penumbras are not as visible as they were forty-plus years ago? What if SCOTUS can’t find the right to terminate a pregnancy in the constitution?

Whatever the current law is in your state right now will continue to be the current law in your state. Nothing changes if Roe v. Wade is tossed in the dustbin of history.

And yes, we’ve been down this road before.

Let’s start with abortion.  The premise is that Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade. This is true. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Federal government this authority. Abortion is left to the states to decide, each for themselves, based on the will of the people who live there. (Or in the case of New Hampshire, people who happen to be here on election day, even if they actually live someplace else.)

The fundamental truth about Roe v. Wade is that more than 30 states had abortion laws before the decision, with others considering them. Laws providing for abortion services existed without Roe v. Wade. All 50 states have them now, and they are as varied as the states themselves. And if Roe were struck down tomorrow, we would still have 50 states (and the District of Columbia), all of which have their own existing laws on abortion, laws that women and doctors have been complying with this whole time. And if at any future date, the people of any particular state wanted to make abortion more or less accessible, they would be free to vote for state representatives who share those views to that end, and free to change things back as their population’s positions evolved one way or the other.

Overturning Roe v Wade will not make abortion illegal. All it will do is free states and the people who live there to decide for themselves (or in the case of New Hampshire, people who happen to be here on election day, even if they actually live someplace else) how much unborn baby killing “women’s healthcare™” they can stomach.

Democrats are already lying about this so get out there and call them out.

I’m going to stop there for now, because this post is getting on in words. We can revisit the Left’s other vectors of ignorance and dishonesty in future posts. But I hope these clarifications serve you well in the early skirmishes.

Please let us know whatever narrative poo the liberal monkeys throw at you, and we’ll try to address each as time permits.

Now wade out into the morass and “roe” your way to truth and clarity.