An Open Letter to Our Wonderful Attorney General - Granite Grok

An Open Letter to Our Wonderful Attorney General

Nashua edu blocks GraniteGrok

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

The Nashua School Board is preventing its staff and students from accessing If you haven’t already read about it, you can read all about it HEREand HERE.

To state the obvious, is being censored by the Nashua School Board for political reasons:

Why block us? There has to be a reason.

Could it be that we, more than any other accessible “resource,” report negatively about the nonsense in Nashua, City Hall, and (recently) the Board of Education and it’s bullying partisan progressive denizens?

And I don’t think anyone has laid down more ink, digital or otherwise, in defense of the first JROTCvote.

We’ve also produced numerous articles that include emails written by members of the Nashua School Board, with a critical analysis that exposes them in their own words.

And to once again state the obvious, the Nashua School Board’s censorship of is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The First Amendment prohibits the government from discriminating based on political viewpoint.

So Mr. Attorney General, what are you going to do about it?

And, in addition to the First Amendment violation, I want to raise the issue of “diversity.” I know you are a big, big proponent of “diversity.” Shouldn’t “diversity” encompass viewpoints that the government -in this case the Nashua School Board- does not want us to hear? Especially, viewpoints that the government does not want us to hear?

And shouldn’t you, therefore, unleash your diversity commissars on Nashua for some “diversity training”? Or is that just for when some School Board isn’t being “woke” enough?