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Epping School Board: Comments by Board Members, Camera Jerk, and the complete video

When all of the Public that wished to comment on the Trump T-Shirt controversy had spoken, Board members decided to speak including the two student representatives:

And that concluded the public session concerning Ciretta MacKenzie wearing her “Make America Great Again” t-shirt at the America Spirit Day at Epping High School.

NOW – why did I use the picture above?  I think think the picture below tells the picture much better:

That’s right – this jerk from ABC News decided that EVEN BEFORE THE CHAIR HAD FINISHED SPEAKING, he decided that he just HAD to go get his wireless mic from the podium even as she was speaking.  Look at the guy (also a School Board member) on the right side of the pic – he had to lean backwards to see the chair.

JERK doesn’t begin to describe the rudeness shown by this guy.  He had come over to me before the meeting started wondering where he could best get the two podiums – he actually wanted to set up right in front of it until I warned him not to.  He also saw the single camera risers that had been set up for the local CCTV folks and groused “well, where do I set up then?” as if he was entitled to the usual press risers (another way of putting it: “Who ARE these rubes that haven’t prepared a place for we NATIONAL news folks?”.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t yell out “Back off and let her finish!” – I think I was more surprised at the gall of this self-important camera guy believing that this was normal behavior.

Given that we have a wide readership, if anyone knows who he is, you know who to contact!

Also, if you want to watch the entire thing in one sitting, here it is: