Dem NH Top 3 - All White Guys as Pete Buttigieg Creeps Up in NH Presidential Polling - Granite Grok

Dem NH Top 3 – All White Guys as Pete Buttigieg Creeps Up in NH Presidential Polling


Maybe Rogers Johnson was right. Democrats in New Hampshire are racist. Okay, to be fair that wasn’t exactly what the commission for the injustice of non-white Granite Staters or whatever it’s called, meant. But maybe there’s some proof in the Left’s Fake White Hate Pudding?

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There are no women and no people of color (except white) in the top three according to recent Democrat Presidential Primary polling by St Anselm’s.

Fourth place is held by a woman, but that’s Liz Warren, the whitest squaw east of the Mississippi. Kamala ‘I Slept my way up the political food-chain‘ Harris is fifth. Her heritage is Jamaican and the other Indians – not the native variety. But she’s got some color.

So, what’s the deal with these New Hampshire Democrats.

A few years ago NH Democrats drove African American Joanne Dowdell out of a primary race against pasty-white Carol Shea-Porter.

In 2018 Democrats ignored the black guy in CD-1 and the Latino in CD-2 to elected pasty-white Chris Pappas, and I ain’t got no color on me, Ann Kuster.

Now, this.


Dem Primary NH

O’Rourke (another white guy) comes in 6th and ‘Someone else’ beats everyone else running in 7th place.

I think Democrats need to look in the mirrors around here if they intend to keep pushing huge portions of their so-called advocacy agenda. And those bits where they say Republicans are racists, that’s just projection.

Note: HotAir has Iowa as well where it’s Biden, Bernie,  Liz Warren, and Beto (all white-pasty liberals).