Alleged Assault by NH Rep Debra Altschiller on Susan Olsen – Part 6 (take two)

And we come to the end of this series – and we finish off with a further discussion of the Left’s completely unhinged “projection”:

And of course, these Progressives (NH State Rep Debra Altschiller and Zandra Rice-Hawkins) just had to try to turn the tables:

Conservatives, take heed of Miss Susan’s response to these pusillanimous Progressives because it never works to accede, knuckle under, or grovel with apologies:

Bring it

Anything else is just chum in the water that prods them to further hatred and in demanding more.  Remember, their end game is complete destruction – jobless, penniless, homeless, and your family out in the street if you dare dissent.  We’ve seen it attempted here at GraniteGrok and I will NEVER forget what one of the Left left here as a comment: “an apology is NEVER enough”. No, it isn’t and they will never, EVER be satisfied with it.

Oh, with a nod to the end of this video and the series, this to NH State Rep Douglas Ley (here, here, here, and here) – you’re still a totalitarian with a mind set with respect to First and Second Amendment (speech, free expression, conscious, and self-defense).