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Did You Know That Doug Ley is the Union President of AFT-NH?

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Did you know that Doug Ley is the president of a union? The American Federation of Teachers in New Hampshire (AFT-NH). He controls 1.5 million dollars in union assets and earned over 70,900.00 dollars last year as their Union President. A hefty sum to do the bidding of a powerful union.

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In this role as the union president, Mr. Ley advocates and fights for his union members best interests. He publishes press releases and testifies for or against bills in Concord that affect the union that pays him.

Doug Ley and the union openly opposed the Learn Everywhere Program. He sent written testimony to the State Board of Education on behalf of his union constituency.

AFT-NH, under Doug Ley’s direction, engages in political advocacy through Union bulletins.

And is it ironic that he recently chastised the House for wearing buttons when he has worn his AFT-NH lapel pin at the Well and while testifying on pending legislation that directly affects the members who pay his salary?

Why would that be a problem? Well, we are also talking about Representative Doug Ley. And he is not only an elected Representative but also the Democrat Majority Leader.

The Majority Leader has incredible power to pass or kill legislation. When it comes time to vote, and a caucus leader rises to express an opinion, a disciplined caucus votes the way they are told.

The question is, when he does this, and he does, is he President Ley or Representative Ley?

While this blurring of lines between elected representative and paid advocate does not appear to be technically illegal, it probably should be. We should have no doubt who someone represents from moment to moment.

When AFT-NH (a teachers union) is at odds with a municipality and the taxpayers over a contract, or the legislature over a bill, we should know which side Doug Ley is on, but do we?


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