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603 Summit: Steve Negron: Capitalism vs. Socialism

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That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”

Another speaker from last Saturday’s 603 Summit (yes, it is taking a while to get through all these videos) was Steve Negron who ran for US Congress in NH’s Second Congressional District against incumbent Progressive Democrat Annie “Raise the roof for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” Kuster.

Expected by the DC Establishment to get only about 10% of the vote against her expansive multi-million dollar war chest, he actually garnered 42% of the vote and turned out more Republican votes for a Republican Congressional candidate in NH CD-2 since 2002. An amazing outing for a first-time candidate with little name recognition.

Not any more.

Here he talks about American Exceptionalism – setting the stage for American values versus Kuster’s Socialist mindset.

Part 1

(Note – Steve mistakenly says he is pro-choice: he corrects that after his speech. Steve is 100% pro-life – see his clarification at the 8 min mark in part 2.)

Part 2